READ ME: Early Player check in, plus a call for volunteers!

This year we will be offering early player checkin Thusday afternoon and Friday morning at 8:00 AM. This is your chance to grab your badge and coupon for your free Evo T-Shirt before we open the doors at 9:00 AM on Friday. If you’re arriving early I strongly suggest you take advantage of this, so you don’t have to wait in the long line before getting into Evo.

Also, I need about 8 volunteers to help distribute badges Thurs afternoon and Fri morning. Bonus points if you can bring a laptop! If you can work the line Thurs from noon to 8pm or Fri 8 am to 12 pm, please head to the Palace Ballroom in the hotel and let any Evo staff know that you would like to help man the registration line.


I can help on Thursday. I’ll see you guys up there.

I will help thursday and friday. And I’ll bring a laptop.

If you are being assigned media credentials, can you pick those up early as well?

I can help out on thursday, And I’m bringing my laptop.

Can you help out even if you’re only 17?

I can help out…I’ll bring my laptop.

I can more than likely help setup and take down if you need

Sign waiver etc. probably

Thursday afternoon until when? I’ll be in Vegas at about… 6pm, will you guys still be around for early check-in? Probably not, but worth a try.

My flight arrives at 11am Thursday, and I’ll have a laptop. I’ll come by and see if you need any help.

My flight doesnt get in till around 9pm so will I still be able to do early sign up.

I have a laptop and can help Friday morning. Who should I ask for?

Since I’ll be in Vegas by Wednsday…I’ll head up to ballroom early Thurssday.


I’ll be the airport at around 2pm on Thursday.

Any chance of hotel casuals going on that day?

I’m wondering about thursday casuals as well, anyone know a room where they’re goin down?

A few of us will get to Vegas around 12 noon on thursday!

Check these Forums and check your pm’s fellas. I will let you know what room we are in for casuals!

I will be getting in around 7pm on Thursday, going to need some casuals!

Exactly around what time on thursday can you check in?!?