READ ME FIRST: UMvC3 Forum Rules (updated 2015-07-22, in the Year of Our Lord KaneBlueRiver)

*These rules are an update to the [old thread](READ ME FIRST: MvC3 Forum Rules (Updated 8-26-12)

1A: If you are new, welcome! Act like you would in real life if you were meeting new people or otherwise joining a new community. That means that you should be listening more than you are talking. You should not be diverting or derailing technical threads. You should not attack other people’s technical expertise (nor should they attack yours because you will not be asserting yourself as a know-it-all expert). Questioning things and trying to understand them is a most excellent plan, but don’t be lazy: read up first and try to fill in blanks as opposed to have someone spoonfeed you. You should likely not be posting more than once in any given thread in ten minutes unless you’re making some really great contributions. If you come in running your mouth and/or insulting people and/or derailing things, you will be infracted. If you do it a lot, you’ll be banned for a week so you can calm down. If you keep doing it, you’re gone. We totally love you and want to talk games with you, but just like in any new community you might join: show some social skills if you want to stick around.

1B: If you are not new, be nice to the noobs! We were all new once. We build the next generation of SRK by letting the newer people grow and flourish. Either ignore people, put them on actual Ignore, or PM a mod. Attacking noobs is like kicking kids: sure it’s easy but it’s just not really productive. And even though you are “not” new, remember that you certainly don’t know everything: listen to each other people and try to explain, not attack, through differences of opinion or knowledge. Issues met with anger tend to lead to more anger and lameness.

2: Do you love UMvC3? Good! That’s why we’re all here. Do you hate UMvC3? Then get out of the forum, you weirdo. This forum is for people interested in UMvC3. You have your own forum for your game: go use that. If you don’t like any games, I don’t even know what you’re doing on SRK.

3: Don’t troll. You’re just not original and you waste people’s time. If you want to troll, go read up on Kibology. You’ll never be that good. If you do troll, you’ll be put in shadow ban mode and just be completely wasting your time.

4: Make fighting and/or arguments be productive. You have an issue with somebody? Settle it via the game or otherwise and move on. If your relationship becomes a problem, get a room. If you cannot solve your problems, either ask a mod to solve it or we’ll solve it for you. This forum is about playing UMvC3, not how much of an idiot jerkbag that one poster is.

5: Reuse existing threads where possible. There’s a Basics, Strategy, FAQ, Wishlist, Bugs, Team-Building, Matchmaking thread: go use those! That’s what they’re there for: people are already subscribed to that and will get updates and be able to respond. Reusing threads is awesome and wise.

6: Image or video only posts are banned. Images in signatures are (still) banned on SRK.

If you have questions or concerns or constructive suggestions on how to improve the UMvC3 forum, please post them in this thread or PM a mod such as myself. Posts in this thread will generally be cleaned up/deleted on a monthly basis once those concerns are handled.