Read Me! - Infractions for First Offenses Taking Effect

Do not link or reference SRK Upload Spot

It has come to my attention that people have been uploading porn to the “SRK Upload Spot.” Because of this, and in order to keep in line with SRK’s non-porn policies, anyone who links to the site or tells people to go there here in IMM will be banned.

This is your warning.


Hey guys, just a heads up.

When you quote a post that has images in it, please remove the image tags (so it’s just urls instead) This will make browsing some of the threads much easier.

I will let it slide for a few more days, and then I’m going to start handing down justice.


oh, NOW you guys have a problem with this, lol.

^ what was that for? Totally unnecessary.

i want thumbnail rules in picture heavy threads.

A thumb rule is probably going to be in the works sometime down the line, TRT.


please be sarcasm.

On 11/11/07 It will be one month since this rule has been in effect, and I will start handing out infractions for first offenses instead of warnings.


get’em quiche!!! lol!

you know this thread can be deleted, as ther’es no more upload spot.