Read this shit, sellout niggas

I see we got a sellout here name Koop, wanting to ban us real niggas spreading the knowledge on the new kids coming up. Aight, be that way, do what ya gotta do, but imma still spread the knowledge, ya feel me?

Now for you niggas all on Asian bitches, read this shit

Fine japanese chic? Lemme drop some knowledge on you son. Asian men are ashamed of how their women look, they want non asian women. Ever see Final Fantasy games, or that Advent Children shit? Those characters all have non asian features. Like this:

whats this dude done wrong but speak truths? there are way worse threads kept open, why does koop gotta hate selectively? plz ban stuart hayden since he keeps returning aswell

Is this the same guy that was pretending to be Val?

lol his threads are dumb but entertaining.

Dudes persistent, should just let him trolololol away

Point 1: Lightning’s look was inspired by Leah Dizon.

Point 2: GD really needs me. I just returned here and it’s like a mess now. This is what happens to GD when the Greatest Poster is gone.