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While this is an open forum, there are certain rules that need to be followed when starting threads, and many of you are not doing so.

The following are valid conditions for starting a thread:

  1. Threads can be started for particular areas or cities, if they are large enough. Example: There are two threads for South Carolina, an “Upstate” thread and a Charleston thread. The reason for this is because those of us that live here know that there are two solid areas that are big enough to justify having a thread, instead of starting a thread for each individual city. However, there is a need for “city” threads throughout Florida, such as a Miami Thread, an Orlando Thread, etc. Please do not start theads for cities AND games, like “The Miami Marvel Thread” and the “Miami KOF” thread or the “Miami Shaq Fu” thread.

EDIT: Please try to stick to the most major of areas, OK? No more Florida threads, all the major cities/areas are now covered. They are not necessary, and are only taking up space. You will receive an infraction.

EDIT AGAIN: Let me explain the previous statement a little more, as there have been problems with this recently:

People that come to this site that aren’t familiar with how it works (and some that are) often don’t realize that this forum has multiple pages. So it’s our job to make sure that the major areas WITH SCENES are covered, and that the threads get updated enough to keep them on the first page. I will occasionally bump threads that haven’t had posts for a while to keep them on the first page.

By default, SRK shows about 30 threads on the first page. By making threads for smaller areas, this number will grow, and bigger area threads may get bumped to the second page. New users come in, and they may not post because they can’t find their area, or they start a new thread for an area that already exists. Then they get an infraction, get mad, and never come back. We’re trying to avoid all of this - if you feel that your area deserves it’s own thread, PLEASE ASK me or another mod before starting a new thread. Chances are, we’ll probably be willing to give it a shot. Otherwise, look in the thread closest to where you live - you might find other people that are posting there because it is the closest, you can chat, and then perhaps we can talk about getting your own thread.

  1. Threads can be started for groups, clans, or cliques that span more than one state or area. Examples: EMS (all over the southeast), Team Bum’s House (Georgia and SC), TEK (all over Florida), GG Zombies (Alabama/GA), etc. There only needs to be ONE thread per each.

  2. Threads can be started that are related to MAJOR events occuring in the Atlantic South. Example: The Final Round preregistration thread, “Who’s going to EVO” threads (as long as they apply to EVERYONE, not just a “Who’s going to EVO from Miami or Atlanta or XXXX” thread).

  3. Threads that affect the entire community as a whole can be started. Example: weather updates during hurricane season when trying to locate players, things that try to pull the division together as a whole, or things related to players and/or their families in times of need.


The Atlantic South division is the definite “black sheep” of the SRK community - a lot of times we are not taken seriously, because of the way a lot of the posters on here act and talk. My personal goal, that I’m sure is shared by many of you, is to prove that we are a community that has a solid scene and solid players. You may or may not know that there almost wasn’t an Atlantic South division - myself and a few others had to plead with the higher-ups to get this division in the first place, otherwise we would have been grouped in with the Atlantic North and we ALL would have been overlooked. Let’s show the rest of SRK that we deserve our division, OK?

Bottom line; don’t try it.

What he said :slight_smile:

Updated 9/10/06

What they said.

Yea don’t try us or you will get the cyber BULLYFOOT!!!:nunchuck: :nunchuck:


So there you have it. 4 Mods and a cyber bullyfoot.

New rule in effect:

Which means, essentially, no more using these to air other people’s dirty laundry. As of right now it appears putting short clips of chat conversations in sigs are OK if done in a humorous fashion.



Replying to them only flags the forum as active and may cause more of them to show up. If you see a bot, just PM a link to a Pryde.


Also - the next person that rick roll’s a thread gets banned :lol: LESTER!!!

Everyone please take a moment to look at the rules again - there are too many people that aren’t. Thanks!

See topic. Infractions are abound.

PLEASE take a moment to read BEFORE STARTING ANY NEW THREADS. It seems like every single day lately someone has done this.

Organization is what keeps a community strong - if everyone starts a thread whenever they feel like it, other threads, posts, and communication gets lost. Our branch of SRK is one of the best when it comes to organization - let’s strive to keep it that way!

Number of infractions given as of May 20, 2008: 3

Number of infractions given as of June 24, 2008: 4

Armed and ready.

Number of infractions given as of August 25, 2008: 7

Number of infractions given as of September 13, 2008: 9

Number of infractions as of December 19, 2008: 11

I gave out two in two days. C’mon guys, USE THE SEARCH!!! Or in this case, just read the thread titles before posting another thread - it isn’t like there are 84932084093289 threads in Atlantic South, you can see them all from the first page!

Number of infractions as of February 2, 2009: 14

Number of infractions as of February 27, 2009: 20