Ready for that $20 cheese burger


…At McDs?!

I know cost of living is really high, but come on now! If burger jockys make 15, everone elses wage has to go up by the same amount just to keep things balanced.



If they start making 15 an hour then Staples employees need to strike too.


I better be getting a blowjob along with the cheese burger.


I can totally live without macdonalds ANYTHING


im down for people with customer service jobs getting paid more, but double min wage thats just dumb of them to think they can get that


$15 an hour for flipping crappy patties? sign me up



Doc was leading this strike.


If minimum wage had kept pace with inflation, this is probably about right.

Our low minimum wage only reflects how the corporate owners of this country have been taking more and more for themselves. It is they, not the workers, who are responsible for the fact that McDonald’s business model now depends on poverty-level wages to keep the price of food down.

Regulate is only right about a wage hike raising prices because the last thing these assholes are prepared to do is downgrade their own payday, even though it’s at a historic high as it is.


Realtalk, everyone should be gettin’ paid more. Employees across most of the job market, over the last few decades are doin’ more, and earnin’ their employers more, but share in almost none of the record breakin’ profits. Fast food workers, based on the increase of their productivity/the amount of work they do and how much money they earn for the comp, compared to the amount in times passed, should be earnin upwards of 20$, at the least. Fast food is still at the bottom of the barrel so imagine what higher paid employees should be earnin’.

However, our government has let big business get away with murder for nearly half a century (longer, in truth), to the point where the fragile “fraudconomy” functions on this bullshit and any abrupt change could spell doom. We need to work are way out of this mess and get back to the 1960’s were people actually got paid for the amount of production their positions actually produced.

That said, this is a process we need to be careful about and just demandin’ a double in wages out of nowhere is not careful, at all. They should aim for 10$ and in truth, we should all aim for more, lil by lil. But that isn’t likely since asshole CEOs and execs run the governments of the world and have tricked us into a place where we all value job security over takin’ care of ourselves and families. O’course, most of us have no choice but to choose between dead end-low wage jobs to avoid the new American poverty.


What the fuck, thats more than overtime premium for a lot of us in England and we are constantly being told shit is more expensive here because the pay is apparently good.

I mean everyone needs to be paid more these days but damn those fuckers got too greedy.


They could be asking for double in order to get paid half of that in the end with the negotiations. Half of that is just back where they started, so somewhere above where they are.

This happens like everytime in something like a Pawn Stars TV show. “Its worth 100? I will only give you 50.” Many times, not even that half but less. Why? “Business.” Then he tells you he can sell this thing fast and make a lot of money with a big smile.


Well pawn stars makes sense. If he bought it for what its worth and then turn around and sell it for the same amount what profit would he have? He’s in a business to make money. Meanwhile if they buy it for half they can turn around and make some profit to pay the employees and afford to buy more items. If the person wants the full amount then they can try selling it themselves on ebay or craigslist. But they’d have to find someone that’s willing to pay what its worth. Which comes down to the individual buyer. They may never find a buyer that’s willing to pay what its “worth”. So then its up to them to weight whether they want a guaranteed sale for half of its worth, or a questionable sale for its full worth.

For the $20 cheeseburger. That’d be incredibly over priced. You’re only getting 1.2oz of beef per patty. If they charge $20s for such a small amount of meat they’d go out of business because other burger places will keep on selling a similar size patty for 2-3 bucks. Or you can buy the beef yourself for 4 4oz patties for 5-7 dollars and really get your money’s worth.


I think what people are failing to realize is that there HAS to be an underpaid class in America today. Government let corptocracy run amok and turn profits into the number one priority instead of quality of product. Working at a fast food place should be a stepping stone job for everyone. if you don’t realize within 3 months that by staying there 1+1=.3 then maybe you aren’t ready for a higher paying job. And if they haven’t realized that 15 an hour isn’t enough then they shouldn’t have striked. this is America not soviet Russia. not everyone gets to live in a house with a wife and two kids, a minivan and a car plus a dog or two. sad to say but everyone is complacent about our current system of living and wages but nobody gives a fuck because everyone is afraid their own standard of living may have to decline just so their neighbor can live better.


Working at a fast food place should be a stepping stone job–but it isn’t anymore. It’s a real job, worked by people with real obligations. So either it has to be sufficient to serve that purpose or somehow all the other shit has to get fixed so that fast food jobs can go back to their original purpose of providing teenagers with gas, condoms, and beer. Whichever’s more feasible.

This is why I don’t brook a lot of whining from the American upper class about how the working class refuses to pull itself up by its bootstraps. That upper class is fostering the conditions that cause the workers to lean on social services for their own survival.


If they actually got that wage, I’d quit my job the next day and apply at McDonalds. I suffer way too much and work way too hard to get paid only slightly more than a McDonalds employee does.


Not to argue with you, but if you hate your job and and “suffer” underpaid and all that, yet you don’t leave for something different or better, then that’s on you. Again, it’s a general statement not aimed directly at you but to the general population with your similar sentiment.


Reality check, bro: for many people, the only other thing out there is a LOWER paying job. Hell, here in Florida, I’m DOT certified and making $13.40 at a privately owned company. If I leave to work for another company that does the same type work as my current job, I’d lose 3+ bucks per hour, and safety conditions would most likely be worse. If I take the next logical step and go work for DOT themselves, the safety and benefits would be there, but I still take a $3+ pay cut, AND there would be no overtime. If I want another type of job entirely, the pay would probably start at just above minimum wage, IF I could get hired. People just aren’t hiring. If you’ve had the same job for over 3 years, stay at that bitch if you can until the job market improves. Just put in applications while maintaining your current job. Don’t be like our idiot new hires, storming off the job whining about “This is bullshit!” because they have an overblown ego and don’t like getting called on doing sloppy work somebody else has to correct…then come crawling back a couple months later because they couldn’t find any other jobs. And college isn’t a guarantee of shit except debt (which I knew back when I was a teenager, but these dumbass college kids keep re-descovering annually). Not to mention people tend to lose sight of how the REAL world works if they spend too many years there.


It depends on where you live. In a lot of places there simply are not many jobs that pay decently ($12-15) and competition is fierce. There are quite a few that pay minimum, no benefits, no full time, and no bonuses.


And the fucked-up part? Most of them seem to rather want to hire some lazy chump with a bad attitude who is always asking to leave 3 hours early than somebody who would be dedicated to doing his best on said job, and has no problem with working the 8 hours.


Yep. Inflation! NYC min wage should be like $8.50 to $9 IMO tbh.