Ready to fight Zero



With 3 Zero teams, including the champion, Zero is now UNQUESTIONABLY the best character in the game. He can destroy an entire team by himself without X Factor and with assists, he can set up multiple, 50-50 incoming mixups. This will undoubtedly lead to a huge rise in the character’s popularity (as if he isn’t already popular) and this sucks. Do you plan on picking him up? I might give him a try, he’s just so strong. Oh and 1 Morrigan in top 32, so Chris G haters can suck it

UMvC3 Stream & Commentary Thread v3

I wouldn’t seriously argue results ‘proving’ anything, as people will still have their opinions- despite Fanatiq beating RayRay and Joker convincingly, some still don’t rate him as the best Magneto. Not saying they’re wrong, but I don’t think straight arguments will generally do much to change peoples’s opinion.

I personally believe Zero’s been the best character in the game since Vanilla. Still, he’s been in the game since then, so people have been aware of him for a while, although he may have possibly been underestimated by some. And although he is getting exposure as result of Evo, I think his execution barrier may hinder the amount of people picking him up beyond this excitement period. This despite there being a simplified version of lightening loops which is easier yet more damaging and gains more meter. Then again, some people say the tiger-knee lightening loops are easy.

And I don’t see why the possibility of people picking up Zero, or any other character should suck lol. Practically everybody picked up Vergil and Doom; it will at least add a little variety lol .

Still I don’t think these issues are neither here-nor-there. Do you, and have fun, people are gonna do whatever ^^


There’s a Zero forum.


Dat bandwagon.


Then most bandwagoners will drop him after a few months when they realize that they don’t have the execution needed to play him.


only 1 morrigan in top 32? That’s surprising actually given how good she is, but it’s just like zero to me. He’s been possibly the best character in the game since day 1 of ultimate, but the actually skilled players simply chose not to use him. Skill and simply understanding the game will determine the win/loss, not tiers. I would love to say this is a justin wong quote, because maybe people would actually take it to heart then, but he didn’t, he’s only proof behind the logic.

If some zero fad starts, it’ll be a fad until the players who pick him up drop him because of either execution, or they suck at the game itself and think that zero isn’t doing the job. I can’t wait for the usual trend, that if flocker wins a couple majors this next season he’s going to be hated whether he deserves to be or not, and thousands of threads for “how do we defeat zero may hawkeye?” Lets not forget the thousands of tweets to capcom asking for updates fixing broken things like zero buster.

Then another couple years down the line windzero takes evo and people cry out nerf jill and crossover counters. nerf chris’s incendiary too.

Holy crap i just made a realization. Capcom sucks at balancing because the players don’t know what they are talking about when they list those “issues” and then capcom gets blamed for actually reading those comments and using them as guidelines.


That’s because, as someone else said in another thread, “America has forgotten how to tier whore.” People not running Morrigan or Zero teams are tantamount to people not running Sentinel in their teams in MvC2. Back in the day, almost everyone put Sent in their teams (unless they were running a team like MSP) because Sent was just that good. Now you have a character that’s basically a one woman Spiral/Sent and you only got 1 person playing her n top 8 at EVO? Shit’s fucked up. By all rights half of top should have been MorriDoom at this point in time. At the very least, JWongg should have been running Morri/Doom/Akuma or something similar and killing it all with that classic “Marvelous” style turtle play.


Justin said he’ll pick top tiers if it seems that his team can’t compete. Judging by EVO, that may be a while.

I noticed a LOT of people at EVO not respecting Zero’s options and getting blown up for it. I think people are going to try and dissect him now and come out with anti-Zero tech. If not, then America is truly the land of the free.



If justin wong goes to top tiers, give up hope on your own evo dreams, they will be gone in the marvel scene.


Yeah J.Wong knocked the arguable best team in the game out of the tournament and almost won against the two undisputed best characters in the game with his team. The tiers are so close in this game due to how you can die so quickly and how super jump height doesn’t dominate like it did in Marvel 2. The characters that don’t fly all over the place are very strong again so the tiers are closer just on that alone.

Which means expect another year to 2 of J.Wong sticking to his guns. Something that was not achievable at this point in Marvel 2.


Jwong is still playing a top tier point with strong support. He is also playing a strong anchor. The team isn’t nearly as bad as you people make it sound.


But it’s not exactly the best team in the game unlike when he used to run teams like Matrix in MvC2.


I fail to see how an assist that doesn’t go fullscreen and is slowish + an assist that is nowhere near as potent in Ultimate as it was in Vanilla considered “strong support”.

People are underrating it but don’t you go overrating it.


I’m not a Marvel Vs Capcom player. Tough i really like watching it. I’m no noobie to fighting game and i have in depth knowledge of umvc3.

The reason i don’t play the game IS because of characters like zero. See Justin at the tournament was SO good, made the hype so huge. but when i saw the finals it hit me. That character makes the game boring as fuck. 50/50 mixups on every char that comes in. You hit ? loop em up and snipe em. Prepare for next 50/50. it hit ? destroy another character.

Rinse and repeat. thats without even x-factor.

i’m not hating on the game but stuff like that is what shuts it down for alot of people. it makes the matches mechanical, autopilot and uninteresting.

That said watching Justin wong rolling over the competition with what is considered an average team at best was truely beautifull.

If he switches to zero, doom or morigan i might stop watching this game entirely.


Wasn’t that exactly like magneto in MVC2 kill the character do 33/33/33 mixup on Incoming kill repeat and they had inexaspeable guard breaks


I know tatsu is not nearly as good as it was in vanilla, but wolverine still uses it well. Also by strong support, I didn’t only mean tatsu assist. I was referring to the combination of tatsu assist, ice storm DHC/THC, and access to a TAC infinite. Wolverine with these options is scary. I’m not saying this is the greatest team ever, I’m just saying it’s not that bad.