Ready to install arcade stick parts?

I was toying with the idea of building a custom stick and was wondering if there is an option out there to get the pieces already soldered and ready for connection to the stick and buttons? I know you can get all the pieces individually and solder your own connections to make a custom rig, but i was looking more for something for people less electronically inclined that has all the wires and plug ends already wired up to the PCB and ready to just mount up to the box, plug in to the Sanwa stick/buttons and be ready to go?

Depends what system compatibility you want.
There are a lot of solderless solutions out there.

For example, Toodles’ Cthulhu has screw terminals so you don’t have to solder anything.

Of course.

Refer to this thread and contact people listed there at your leisure:

what system? you could always go:
ps3 cthulhu from toodles
usb neutrik from lizardlick
wiring, jlf, buttons, case from focusattack

interesting. well i was considering making a dual mod stick. might as well lol if im going to make a custom rig, might as well be able to take it anywhere. Never really considered asking a modder to sell his bits and bobs without assembling them. Always kind of figured that would be like someone coming to me and asking me to buy auto paint without spraying it on their car. insulting lol ill definitely look into it though. as for cases, i dunno. i might be trying to make a fully custom rig here. main priority would be increasing the spacing available between the stick and buttons.

this is a future contemplation. nothing i plan to do in the next few days or anything lol

do it your self not complicated

Getting xbox 360 support without soldering isn’t really possible aside from a pcb made in Asia. Playstation controllers are basically just a USB controller. That’s why they’ll work on a lot of PCs without extra drivers or anything. So the modding community has been able to design their own circuit boards for ps3 sticks. 360 controllers have a proprietary security chip in them, and are not able to be produced by anyone here. Only licensed game controller manufacturers. So we have to tear up their controllers to get the parts we need. There are some companies in Asia that don’t follow the rules, though, and are producing dual console sticks and even a dual console pcb, with usb jack and screw terminals. That option there would be the only I know of for a totally solderless dual modded custom stick. Actually, maybe you could use the parts out of a 360 SE stick and a TE kitty from toodles(a kit for solderless dual mod of a 360 TE stick).

Hmm. Seems like what I should probably do to make this easier and more fruitful would be to build the case, install the stick and all the buttons, have it completely DONE and then just send it in to a stick technician and have him install the wiring and circuitry. I dont want to have to post another thread or go ask in another thread, so does anyone have a general idea/estimate of what a modder would charge to install the guts of an arcade stick?

prices first page there are others who do it as well but the prices are pretty much the same

good information, and thank you :slight_smile: