Real adapter/hrap1,Hori ex2 mod/xbox 360, ps2 (PICK UP ONLY- SO CAL)

Hey Yall,

I OK I got some great stuff for sale that is for local pickup only in Orange County, California. I will not ship any of these items (Sorry). I also will not split up any of the deals below. If this doesnt sell by Sunday its going on Craigslist.

Thought I would give you all dibs first for all the help you have given me on this board. You may ask why so cheap or why the sale. I just got a candy cab and relized playing sf on consoles can not replicate that feeling. Plus I plan on focusing on my career over the next few months. CASH ONLY. PRICES ARE FIRM. PM me your phone # and we can arrange a time for pick up.

Up first hrap1 with real adapter.
I bought the hrap on ebay from fatboy about two months ago, never really used it. Put in sanwa buttons and replaced the sanwa jlf for a new one. For some stupid reason the stick will start to click a bit after ten mins of play, very minor may not be noticed by most. Probably a very easy fix. Its a new JLF from lizard lick. Box is from my hrap3 but you can have it if you like.

Last item for sell ps2 w/ used sfav collection.
the ps2 is kinda old but hardly used and sat in my closet for a long time. I bought the game on srk used. It has stratches but it works fine. I have a brand new power supply and rgb composite connections for better resolutions

Like I said I will not ship these items. LOCAL SALE ONLY or it goes to Craigslist monday morning. First come first serve. PM your phone number. Iam located in south Orange County. PRICES FIRM. Buy everything for $565


edit bought xbox in june not july oops!!!


360 sold yet? im interested

(xbox 360 + hori ex2) sale pending!!!

it’s too bad this is local only. i wish you were local to me i would’ve picked up everything here. fo’ realz.

Decided to keep the xbox. didnt hear from tru today and my nephew was kinda upset becasue we play each other online so Iam keeping it for now. Iam busy this week so I may pull the rest of this stuff tomorrow.

May have to wait a few weeks and repost this stuff.