Real Arcade Fights!

Just kind cuious if you guys have ever witnessed any real life fist fights etc at the arcade, discuss.

fuck a fist fight.

we shoot muthafuckas over dat mahvel!!!


Very rare these days, but back in the early-mid '90s, that shit was mad common. Usually thugged-out black dudes or Triad wannabes starting shit after losing. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a white dude start a fight at an arcade.


good ole’ days… that was 10 years ago. :confused:

I remember another topic about this a long time ago. Some funny stories.

Just a couple years ago we had a group of guys that barged into Ruckers and started throwing bombs at a bunch of DDR players. One of the players has his nose broken. He had two black eyes for weeks.

I think it started because a couple players ratted these guys out for littering and got them banned from the place. I know when you think of Ruckers it’s little kiddie redemption crap games but everyone involved was in their late teens early twenties.