Real Arcade Pro 3-SA or a TE stick?

Need a stick for my PS3 and was thinking about preordering the new SA but I also saw the TE sticks are down to $130. Which one would you guys rather have?

the SA has been out since last year. Assume you mean the SE?

I’d get the SA if I were you.

The HRAP 3-SA has all Sanwa parts too so they’re even there. But the problem with the Hori is that it might use a non-common ground PCB which doesn’t support the 5-pin connector joysticks plus you can’t dual mod and doesn’t have top access out of box… So slight edge to the TE although I do prefer Hori.

I’m not too concerned about dual modding since I have a TE for the 360 already. And I did mean the SA, it’s on Amazons website for preorder,comes out in October.

I’d take the HRAP over the TE. Although the PCB is not a common ground, I haven’t heard any stories of faulty PCB’s in HRAP’s as I do in the TE’s.

If you’re gonna replace the PCB anyways, it’s just what you like on the button layout and design.

Then Hori all the way.


The HRAP3SA will work on PS2 games if you have a BC PS3 while the TE will not, and it’s only the 360 HRAPs that have a non-common ground PCB, I don’t know what the rest of these guys are talking about. Other than that its probably mostly up to the button layout and case you prefer I guess.

The HRAP3 is common ground. You’re thinking of the HRAP EX.

I’d go for the hrap for the aesthetics alone, but you’ll also be getting full PC compatibility, PS2 BC, and a more reliable pcb than the madcatz one IMO.

HRAP looks way to tight. ill prolly be picking one up in oct myself because ive had a hrap 2 sa for a bit and the white exterior starts to turn manila. black ftw

dude is right up there though this stick has been out for a long time but you had to import it. some guy had them in cali for sale for a little bit but not for long.

i have 2 TE’s then i got my HRAP2 and prefer that over the 2 TE sticks. i’d go Hori as well =)

any reason you guys prefer the hrap? I’ve got both and i prefer the build and button layout of the TE compared to the hrap, but thats just me…

If you want a perfect arcade stick already made for you just buy the TE stick.

Interesting… So only the Ex has non-common…

hrap3 sa already comes w/ full sanwa just like the te, no modding is needed cept for artwork+plexi

i’d go w/ hrap sa, looks better imo

Just dual-mod your TE!

throw some black plasti-kote vinyl on that sucker. Will look like it came out of the factory black.

Ive tried different custom and mass produced sticks and the HRAP cases feel really comfortable to me. I prefer the t5 since i like the layout and they are cheap to come by.

All hori’s 360 sticks are non common

Hey, leave the guy alone. If thats the reason he wants to use so he has to buy a new stick, then let him be. No reason is still a good reason to buy a stick. lol

I have a TE and a HRAP EX for 360. I like the TE better, but I ordered the SA for PS3 so I could use it to play PS1 games. (all Ps3’s play Ps1 games).

If the TE worked with older games I would get it, but it does not.