Real Arcade Pro Hayabusa for Xbox One V


hey guyz!

mhm… i just bought that stick and…
it works great for xbox one but… not really on PC (windows 7 64bits)
I have download the lastest driver microsoft xbox one controler BUT it figures only few buttons work [ 1 to 6 and 7] (for 9 buttons on the stick)

Im wondering why the ps3/ps4 stick works on PC but the xbox one (microsfot) doesnt work on Windows 7
Any chance it works better on windows 8 or windows 10 ?


Its a drivers issue that wont be fixed because these sticks are only meant to be used on the xbox one.


Microsoft shows no interest on fixing drivers for non-Microsoft products.
And Hori and Mad Catz (they got the same issues) have to go by Microsoft provided specs for their sticks.
The whole only meant to be used only on the Xbox One is more of a legal disclaimer by Hori and Mad Catz.

If you complain to Hori, Hori will tell you it’s a software issue and try Microsoft.
Microsoft will say the device is not theirs and you need to go to the Device manufacturer.

If you only game on the PC avoid getting the Xbox one sticks.


You say 1 to 6 and 7 for 9 buttons? When you go to Control panel -> Setup USB Game Controllers with the stick plugged in, how many buttons do you see? Can you see when you press up, down, left, right? Mainly, when you press left trigger, right trigger do you see a bar move from left to right? If this is true, then you should download JoyToKey. Its a program that allows you to map a controllers button inputs into keyboard keystrokes. For example, you can make the left and right triggers J and K. Try to map your directions and 6 ~ 8 buttons and you should be good.


i already change the plug for 5 and 6
When i press all the buttons (even on the side)

up/down/left/right work normaly


Like it’s been said, it’s MS not wanting/caring to update their drivers.
Triggers for XBO controllers/sticks don’t work on Windows with the stock drivers.


You don’t need more…

More seriously , does the swith is on 8 buttons?


What about the buttons underneath the start button on the far right side. You should have guide, select and LS RS buttons there. If they work then maybe all you have to do is move the switch over to map them to the last 2 buttons you are missing at the top.


I have the same issue with the Hori for Xbox one. The buttons that don’t register are LT and RT, although my Xbox one controller does register all inputs. I doubt there will be any fixes before Win10 comes out since MS is keen on the integration with Xbox with it.


The only other option I can think of if you want a fully functional PC stick is to install a Chimp. This can be done without any soldering. You can add this to your stick with wire splicers, wire and electric tape. $35 for pcb plus equipment if you have it lying around.


Well it’s not that there will or not be a fix. MS don’t see the Hori and Mad Catz Xbox One sticks as their concern. The Fact that the sticks don’t work with every Xbox One game is another clue how things are going.

Actually if you did your wring wright you can use the chimp (or any other board) to dual mod the Hrap XBox one stick, have the best of both worlds so to speak


Sorry if this is a bit too necro, but I got one of these sticks cheap at a pawn shop recently, and I’m wondering what dual modding options work with it. I don’t know how to solder, but I guess I could learn how if it really came to it.


Hi shadowfury,
You can mod it with a Brook UFB and have it quad modded. You would have to ask the others about wiring up the front panel, though.


Thanks. I got it thinking it would work on PC, but didn’t know that early Xbox One sticks just did not completely work on Windows. However, since I saved a bit in getting it, I looked into it and will plan on getting a Brook UFB (it’s not super urgent, I usually play on PS3 but tournaments around here for games I play end up on Xbox of some sort, guess SFV fixes that problem). What do you mean the front panel? For the light that comes on when you plug it in?


Ok well I didn’t know, but the RAP Pro Haybabusa for XBone doesn’t have a ‘front’ panel as the front panel got moved to the side, so its now a side panel. What I mean is, if it’s common ground, you can usually wire the buttons there to functions on the Brook UFB, like the Xbox guide button, Turbo (this button is often re-wired as the touchpad key for PS4 mode, as how many fighting game players or tournament players use turbo?), L3/R3, and so on. Panels that are common ground and have direct pinouts can usually be hooked up to the Brook UFB directly with either soldering or Jumper blocks or crimps. Some panels are not common ground and have their own circuitry; these cause problems unless an intermediate card is used between the UFB and the front/side panel. The most popular example of this is the Hori VLX “kit”, which is used to hook the Brook to the Hori VLX’s front panel.

I have absolutely no idea about your panel you are using. You should ask Darksakul or vicko or one of the other experienced modders; I’m a noob.