Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa artwork modding


Hello I’m new here. I’m quite new to fighting games and I’ve wanted to invest in an arcade stick. I’ve been interested in the Hrap v4 line for awhile now but since I live in Asia and not in the United States, it’s quite hard for me to get my hands on the Hrap V4 Kai so I have to get the Hayabusa (Also more cheaper than if I would to import the Kai).

Now I love modding so I was thinking of modding the stick and I’ve red that the Hayabusa is the exact same as the Kai version just that the stick is more further away from the buttons and I wanted to get some other artwork than the default one but tek innovations website states that they only made the Kai version.

I would like to ask if the other designs like the Hrap V3/V4/VX as stated in their website will fit on the Hayabusa or should I just bite the dust and get the Kai version? Thanks ^.^



the V.Hayabusa does NOT use the same panel! the four outer mounting screws are further out than the non-Kai V3/V4/VX.