Real Arcade Pro VX SA Stick Issue


I just received the VX SA in the mail today. The stick is great, love it, but I have a suspicion mine isn’t 100%. I’m getting a bizarre clicking sound on diagonal movements, which includes slight friction. If this is something that I could easily fix without need of replacement parts, I’ll gladly open it up and do so. If not, then I’ll have to do an Amazon return. What might this issue be? Or is this how these sticks operate?



I get that clicking sound on my stick too. It’s about the same, the clicking, but it never affected the game when I used it.


I have the same stick and I have never herd that sound. Does it affect game play for you at all?


I can still play. I do get a sense of friction at certain times, but not enough to restrict any movement or affect play.


That sound isn’t exactly normal, but I don’t think it’s a big problem. I’ve had a problem like that on a Sanwa JLF I owned before. I think it’s one of two problems:

  1. One of the parts inside of the joystick (probably the metal washer in between the joystick main body and the spring holder) is dislocated.
  2. It’s just your spring and there’s nothing you can do about it anyway.

If it’s the former and something’s dislocated, it should be easy enough to fix. All you have to do is open up the stick, remove the joystick, take it apart, and reassemble it. You can do this with a standard Phillips head screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, and a set of pliers. Just be careful not to be too touchy with the parts that have lubrication on them. You don’t want to be taking any of the lubricant off. After you make sure everything’s set properly, put it back together, reinstall into your case, and enjoy.

My problem with that JLF I owned a while ago had to do with the spring. I don’t know what it was about my particular Sanwa JLF or what, but the spring wasn’t “right” so to speak. It still functioned fine, that is to say it still made the joystick return to center properly no matter how I moved it. But it constantly made this weird scratching sound whenever I pressed up. The joystick still worked like an absolute champ though and the friend whose stick I installed it in said that he hasn’t had a single problem with it.

I can’t say for sure which of the two your problem exactly is, but it should be a fairly easy fix if there is something wrong with it. Hopefully that helps. :tup:


Awesome help, Ikagi. Really appreciate it. I think I’m going to disassemble and see if it’s problem 1.


So, after breaking down the joystick to where I could see the washer, it seems the issue was the spring cover and lube sunctionining the washer, and pulling it up, which caused the clicking sound.

1.[S] Is the washer supposed to be mobile?[/S] Of course.
2. Is the washer surface and spring cover base supposed to be lubricated? Mine is heavily lubricated.

  1. The washer is not supposed to be moving. If you look at the black plastic body of the Sanwa JLF, you can see looking at the bottom that there’s an indented space for that washer. The washer’s supposed to stay in place inside of that indent. Now, the washer can come loose if you pull directly up on the joystick and move it around, but usually the washer will recenter itself if you move it around more. That should be avoided though, for sure.

  2. Both are supposed to be lubricated, yeah. When the joystick’s moving around, the washer and the base of the spring cover rub against one another, so the lubricant helps reduce friction. If you feel the lubrication’s laid on a bit too thick, you should use a clean finger and spread it around more evenly. While you’re at it, if you apply some lubricant to the top of the spring cover and maybe to the inside of the actuator where the spring will make contact with the parts, it may help a bit.


I did pull up on the joystick and move it around earlier in the day, so that obviously aggravated the situation, if not caused it.

I did spread the lubricant a bit more evenly, as well as your other recommendations. So we’ll see how it goes. I did a few movements with the stick, and I’m not sensing any issues. All that’s left to do is screw the base-plate back on.

So far, so good. ;D


Well, looks like I screwed up and spread the lubricant TOO thin, something I noticed only after a bit of playtime. I’m getting a bit of friction. I ordered some Molykote 44. While I wait for that, I have another JLF coming in, which I’ll use in the VX SA. The JLF that came with the VX SA is going to go into my FS VX after lubricant arrives.