Real Arcade Pro VX SA yes or no?

i know its all preference, but after the cheap stick i bought crapped out on me, ive decided to spend big on a stick. i wanted to buy the Real Arcade Pro VX SA cos its by Hori and its relatively cheap when compared to the others. but i read some reviews on it, so i wanted to ask u guys a few things. 1st here are some reviews:

Over all this stick is only okay. The size and styling is nice, but it’s really really light, which is actually a problem if you want stability. It is entirely made of plastic… it just doesn’t feel right. It seems solid enough for continued play, but in my opinion it doesn’t give a real vewlix feel due to the material.

and another review

A 2nd thing that keeps this from getting a perfect 5 stars is the missing selector switch that lets you change the stick to act as the left analog stick, right analog stick, or digital d-pad from the standard 360 controller. Almost every place selling this stick lists that as a selling point, and indeed if you look at the PS3 version, you can clearly see it on there as well, and it’s actually shipped that way. This can make the stick less than compatible for 360 and Xbox Live Arcade games that only use the left analog and not the d-pad. This stick solely emulates the 360 controller’s d-pad and nothing more. Not really a big deal for me as I use it mostly with the PC though, just be aware that the switch that is clearly visible in the pictures (the one with the hand overlaid on the controller) is not present on this version, and only the PS3 edition.

i mean, i dont doubt it isnt quality, but if im spending big, am i better off going for a stick with the best material and features? or are these reviews baseless? again i am not on a budget, i just want whats best in terms of build, options and performance. can u guys just tell me if im better off going for a madcatz TE, or if what those reviews are stating are false, like about the light weight and non viewlix feel. thanks

HRAP VX SA is a good stick. I have one but don’t use it anymore since I’ve been playing mostly on my TE. Planning on selling my HRAP VX SA and EX-SE soon since I don’t use them anymore.

its a great stick i had the ps3 version before i upgradded to the hori vlx

if you in the us you maybe be better off trying to buy one on there forums just post in the trading outlet if you live overseas you can check as well and see if its worth it to you shipping overseas always rapes the price on a stick

also if your in the us you can get it from other places cheaper then playasia
140 free shipping
same price in the hori store i think its free shipping as well but idk

I’ve had one since November and I love it. I haven’t had a single issue with the stick; weight, start button, nada. I prefer the design of the VX-SA over the TE. The whole “no analog switch” argument is a moot point for me because I only play Marvel.

The Hori Pro-series joysticks are in general the most reliable mass-production joysticks on the market. They just don’t have the compatibility and PCB/build issues many other joystick designs do.

The HRAP VX/V3 series IMHO is the nicest-looking Hori joystick I’ve seen to date. (Don’t honestly care for the VLX. Too big and too expensive for my tastes.)

Only quibbles I have are the cramped interior space and the lack of an available faceplate plexi for it. (Okay, the cable storage compartment door really stinks and has a tendency to fall off when you remove the baseplate.) You can mod the faceplate art but it requires a total removal of the existing face art – no way around it; you’ll destroy the original art unlike the earlier HRAP Astrocade base series – and for the time being you’d best stick to laminated or vinyl face art until somebody finally comes out with a production plexi… Who knows when that will be; I’m very surprised Art Hong hasn’t done it but he’s probably swamped with orders for his other products. An HRAP V3/VX plexi will probably be available within the next year.

I got one of these off amazon just the other day and its actually really really good, personally i prefer it over my TE (thou i am modding my TE so im sure i’ll return to it soon) i wanted a change from the TE so went with the Hori VX-SA and im very impressed so far, the button layout is diff to the TE though, so make sure you change the buttons before you play :slight_smile:

They’re great. At first I didn’t think the wings would be handy but they really are, in fact i’m pretty much only using Hori sticks now and sold my te’s.

Best stick on the market. Its like playing on an actual Vewlix panel and its not as light as I thought.

so that reviewer’s comments are wrong? thanks, thats my main concern in terms of quality materials that house the arcade stick. not really the analogue/d-pad switch thing. im spending big as this will be my only stick, so i want to go all the way and spend on the best all around stick thats value for my money.

thanks to everyone for their helpful comments

The stick is all quality sanwa parts, and they are all really responsive, been loving mine the past few days i havent touched my TE since i got it and i been using it a good 4-5 hours a day on marvel, mk9 and SSF4:AE :slight_smile: trust me you wont go wrong with this stick

Quality stick and you can find it new on Amazon cheaper than a TE. As far as I know Madcatz got their shit straight and the TE’s don’t have bad PCBs these days like the vanilla SF4 ones. It’s really preference and a small price difference.

I just bought one today. It looks like a rad stick. I’d say go for it, Hori makes great sticks.

Also, since you say you’re not on a budget and want the best, get the Hori VLX. It’s twice as heavy:)

Go Balls Out. Get a VLX! :smiley:


Also, last I checked, I don’t think Hori’s made a 360 stick with a selector.

I also have a question about this stick Why does it have a different layout on 360 than Ps3

Microsoft requires third parties to have colored buttons that match the X-Box 360 controller in order to have it officially licensed.

Ya but the first four buttons(Two top two bottom) are the same as the ps3 controller on the V3 just like the TEs but on the 360 its different

vlx is great and very ez to swap parts best stick on the market but for ur first stick a vx sa is fine

heres a pic to show u the diffrence in size not my pic btw

my only issue with the vx is the smaller flat palm space. this is where the te is a lot more comfortable. for style though, the vx is a clear winner.