Real bout Fatal Fury,Last blade and more hit PS3


Not sure how many of you guys know this but Real Bout Fatal Fury,Last Blade, Fatal Fury Wild Ambition, and Samurai Showdown Warriors Rage has hit the the PS3 store. the only catch is they are available for the hong Kong store and no word form SNK yet if we will get them on the US PS3 store yet. Also Galaxy Fight has hit the PS3 Store in Japan.

Maybe some HK SRKers can give some insight on how they play on PS3. As far as I can tell all of them seam to be the PS1 ports judging by the art they are using for them.


I’ll dig this up when I get back from North Carolina…good shit thanks! I can get it on my PS3 bet…its how I got the JAP T5DR…People are probably gonna get Real Bout and Last Blade, though for Real Bout you can import it for PS2…People would probably rather get the collections than the games alone…but it still works for me more to promote!





Real Bout Fatal Fury was one of the best SNK fighters- it’s a little older, but I think it has the most personality of any SNK fighter. Is the Wild Ambition the Arcade or PS1 version of Wild Ambition though?


They are the Playstation versions, and they can only be downloaded and played on a PSP.


Galaxy Fight!!!


Do they have Netplay?


PS1 versions…


I was interested until I caught the PSOne bit.

They is no way in hell. I’ll play Garou Wild Ambition and Galaxy Fight if its a PSOne version.


Like I said they are the PS1 versions of the games. Unfortunately I lack any way to download them because you need a Credit Card with a billing address in Hong Kong for the HK downloads and Japan for the Japanese ones. at least it wouldn’t let me add funds to my wallet when I tried because it was looking for a billing address in Hong Kong. Maybe if you had already added your credit card to the HK PS Store it might still let you add funds though. I’m not sure.

I know that Sony has some sort of card for the Japanese store that you can buy and it gives you so much to spend in the Japanese Playstation store. I think it was called a ESY card or something.


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