Real Bout Fatal Fury Special


Since Mr. Big/Ghostpilot’s thread was so successful, I thought I’d give the other big Real Bout contender some action. This game is a lot different from RB2, especially with the wallbreakers and less-crazy chains, though everyone has a dial-a-combo that knocks down that usually consists of the strong button and a few directions. This is actually a big boon for characters with low combo potential like Cheng. Overall, this game has a bigger old-school feeling. It’s lots of fun and if we could decent scene for it, that’d be awesome


Basic combos for all characters except Kim.

Expect a Bob Wilson writeup soon. Homework calls.


Top Tier in this game is

**#1 Billy, #2- Mai, #3-Krauser… **Thats your S Class…

I got PLENTY RBSp matches guys plus more coming…

RBS is like the XVSF version of Real Bout…RB2 is more toned down…everyone is somewhat beefy in RBS…

I think because everyone in RBS has SOMETHING that its more fun than RB2…though I like them both I play RBS like 10x more.[Dark-Geese]---2[Dark-Geese]---3


I think everyone is alot more beefy in RB1 compared to RBS and RB2, especially with those lol out of bounds. The great thing though is that Kim is a serious business in all three, although his Hien Zan in RB1/RBS is way cooler than the RB2 version. It’s alot safer and has more invincibility frames on the start-up as well I think.


Can I have strats for Franco & HonFu plz?


Ehrm, not from what I’ve heard. Billy, yes, but try Kim & Sokaku…


Let me expand on the S Class then…

Rough Sketch of tier list for RBS

Billy, Sokaku, Mai, Kim **

Thats your S Class.

Yeah I forgot about Sokakus Infinite in RBS…totally slipped my mind.

A Class-

Krauser, Laurence Blood

I also believe Mai is just as solid as Kim by far…theres more stuff I’m STILL discovering that I used at NEC8 to argue this also…

So Sokaku yes I can see him #2, but I think Kim and Mai are 3rd…I remember about the Kim and Sokaku stuff but I dont think these people know about Mai and all she’s capable of…I am just tapping it out now.


Matter of fact I am going to argue that Mai is equal if not better than Kim.

Sokaku can zone like a beast and has his infinite thus making him #2, But I think Mai is a very solid #3.

-New multifan move is too good- Easy chip, can slow it down for Those that break shot, SAFE IF BLOCKED, Takes a lot of time off the clock, excellent turtle or aggressive strategy Excellent damage off a hitfconfirm, if don’t continuously do the move they cannot interrupt only can via Break shotting.
-Easy hitconfirms into multifan
-Easy hitfconfirms into Super, does good damage.
-Ryuenbu is a hella good anti air from a distance
-Mai has frame advantage on a lot of her normals.

  • Rising Flame special move does roughly 35% damage of health and is an excellent anti air! (Used a lot at NEC8)
    -Can spam st.a into multifan or do her DG Frame Trap of [st…ax2] which they must break shot!

Kim is about damage and his HienZan…thats about it…Mai can zone better than Kim can hence hes lower… A turtle Mai will beat a turtle Kim…Mai has the advantage vs. Kim.

Sokaku and Billy can give Mai problems but not much else.


DG is right, a lot of the top-tiers, and even the high tiers lost a lot from special to rb2. Sokaku, Lawrence, Krauser, Billy, Mai… they’re all mid-tier in rb2. Except Kim. No one fucks with Kim.

Special Hon-Fu is like a super suped-up version of RB2 Hon. Both of his DP’s knock down, which is great because it means that in addition to them being super-safe and having godly priority, you get some free mindgames. His :snkc: uppercut is also actually useful, as it’s basically his :snka: uppercut with more range and damage.

His :qcb: + :snkb: is a lot faster, you can combo into it from a close :snkc: , but it has a longer recovery. The move that probably got the biggest improvement, though, is his :qcb: + :snka: : it feels a lot more stable, has longer range, does a bit more damage, and the chances of the opponent falling out if it’s comboed in to are very little. His somersault is a bit slower, and his :hcf: + :snkc: is basically the same as it is in rb2. He has one new move, :qcb: + :snkc: (which gets replaced by his counter in rb2), where he does a backflip to the back of the screen and then dives forward, nunchucks a-spinning. It’s sort of like Rick’s :qcb: + :snkc: , except a bit slower and a lot less useful.

His p-power is a kim-style rush super, and my GOD this thing hurts. It does a bar of damage and doesn’t suffer that much from damage scaling, but it has a bit of startup so it can only be comboed from heavy attacks.

Sorry to be comparing so much to rb2, it’s just that that game is the one I’m a lot more familiar with :wgrin: .


Yea Kims good in practically every SNK game hes in…have you noticed they dont like making him NOT TOP TIER??


Yeah all those people got toned down…even Krauser while hes still tops in RBS lost his knockdown Tomahawk…I think if he had that in RB2 he’d be the complete Krauser…


Did someone say rb fatal fury man l uses to rape the shit out of the game on the saturn great ass game so most veridy to choose fun . i uses to play kim and rick forgot his damn name he was pretty much vanessa xd


…Rick was only in Real Bout 2. :confused:


Hmm… was he been such a long time since l have played just checked opps lol but l did play kim and mary anyways thxs for pointing that out Throw The Dice :sweat:


Thanks mate, and it’s OK to compare him to his RB2 ver.


Just wanted to add that the PSX version Dominated Mind is extremely broken compared to the the neogeo RBS. I was going to record some of the funny things I’ve found just messing around with it.


But… Dominated Mind has Alfred in it… :sad:

On another note, could anyone write up a Laurence primer?


Isn’t Dominated Mind the one in which the main boss was some dude that looked like the main character from “A Clockwork Orange” with specials that could kill you in 1 or 2 hits from ACROSS the damn screen? If so, then you’re right, he made Dural look like a total wuss.


Here’s the worst parts about him:

His fireball was an instant-dizzy

After he got knocked out, he’d shoot a fireball at you, and if you don’t either jump or block low, then guess what? YOU LOSE.


Yea White, even though he isn’t playable unless you use a game shark code. Yea Alfred is playable in DM as well, the game overall is different from the neogeo version. There is no plain shifting, no D button which is taunt in DM. A lot of moves are removed and new ones were created. Chains are way easier to do, think Melty Blood style. Stun seems to last a lot longer in DM as well when doing jump in air chains. Also the one thing I like about DM is being able to cancel out of specials into supers. The final impact letters show on the screen when you cancel out of special into super. I still think the game can be fun if you soft bad certain things.


Laurence Blood Primer I can write it up when I have the spare time…I will record some matches today of me (Mai, Billy,Krauser, Sokaku maybe) today.

Nocturnal is right…RBS Dominated Mind is very very messed up…


DM is weird, but its fun for awhile. Still can’t figure out how to get Kim’s Final Impact kicking. I dig the new animation on his axe kick though, it’s really spiffy looking.