Real CFE players

I am sick of all the CFE droppers because I always beat there ass! Can I please
have some fair competition? Add JDubG to your friends if you play Capcom Fighting Evolution. Please, I cannot stand droppers like Mesopatamia, etc.

what time do you play and whre are you located. Usually when i go online nobody is playing this game and I wind up playing 3rd strike. If you exculsivly just play red earth characters I probably wont play for long either. (Those characters were given way to much. They can ulitmate guard, dash, tech roll, hit you while you are still on the ground, level up and gain energy and power and what really pisses me off is that they have pokes that extend for 3/4 the lenghthof the screen. That is just way too much for me to deal with after awhile.). This game is hella unbalanced and the characters I like are low tier so after while I get really tired of playing this game.

Hey, I am located in Evansville Indiana. I don’t ever use Red Earth characters. I don’t think they are cheap, I just whip the stupid lion’s ass with dodge or foward dash. I use Ryu
and Shin Akuma mostly. Pretty much everyone except Red Earth.

Put me on your friends list and invite me whenever you see me online.

How can you foward dash with ryu? I thought ST characters didnt have a dash move or a dodge move even.

Some people worth playing against:


Too bad I had to cancel my XBL account, playing against skilled players really helped me improve my game.
BTW, if you choose S. Akuma expect people to drop on you. Not everybody likes S. Akuma air fireball bullshit.

Also, Shin is fucked against a Gief with meter. Don’t jump…

I would play you but I’m in Europe and Europe/America lag makes this game unbearable.

As for Shin Akuma - four j.fierces from a character with a good j.fierce (Rose, Ingrid, etc) and GGPO, not hard to do if the Shin Akuma player is jumping like a spaz.

good games… :D…

Shin Akuma is the lameness but I’m not going to fault you for who you like using. :D… I’m just glad someone else is playing this.

^^ Good matches man!

add me, Jedah will fuck you up :nunchuck:

Add me… i’ll attempt to get back into this game.
I whore Urien, Yun, Chun-Li and Guile all day tho.


I added both of you :clap: Looking foward to play with you guys.

Thanks for the kind words FSgamer! It’s too bad you had to drop your account. Will miss playing against you.

I haven’t been playing online a while since I bought a slew of video games at the same time and have been busy with other things. I should get some games in tommorow though.

add me Amnesiamoon

hey im up for any challenge. CFJ must stay alive

I’d like to play any of you guys CFE/J as well, if you want to play add me to your list and send me an invite. :tup:

Online right now if anyone wants some matches, Gamertag is SRKSANO.