Real Circus Damage- The Cerebella Combo Thread



This thread will be the central hub of all things combo for the one the only, Cerebella! Post your BnB’s and style combos in this thread. Remember! Keep damage at a 1.00 multiplier for ease of analysis. Look out for the tech circle during combos, if you see a blue splash underneath the character your comboing they can tech out and it’s not actually a combo. Don’t quote images, winners don’t use drugs etc.

(if jumping in: can add,,, c.hp,,, c.lp,, c.hp, Excellebella (4,950 dmg),, c.hp,,, c.lp,, c.hp, Diamond Dynamo (5,339 dmg) +optional Assist during super and DHC,, c.hp,,, Diamonds are Forever, (wallbounce) Diamond Dynamo (7,033 dmg) +optional Assist during super and DHC

(if jumping in: can add,,, c.hp,,, c.lp,, c.hp, Excellebella, Diamond Dynamo (5,965 dmg) +optional DHC
NOTE: You can OTG after the first Diamond Dynamo, eg. c. lk, c. mk, grab bag reset or c. mp, c. hp, Excellebella, Diamond Dynamo if you see fit.

(if jumping in: can add,,, c.hp,,, c.lp,, qcf mp+mk/hp+hk (3,791 dmg)

These combos are NOT optimized for damage, they are just the most consistant and easily performed combos that work in all situations, hence Bread and Butter. Feel free to change them anyway you like.


Also, note the opposing character the combo was performed on. Different characters have different hitboxes have different viable combos.


Does this site have the ability for posts to be wiki-fied?

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My midscreen BnB- cr. lp, cr mp, cr. hp, j. lp, j. lk, j. hk, cr. lk, cr. mk, j. mp, j. hk (restands them) st. mp (stagger), merry-go-rilla or diamond drop or cr. lp, cr. mp, cr. hp, AA grab or super or whatever you feel necessary.


Can’t you follow up the merry-go-rilla?

If so, I recommend:
cr:lk/mk (character/timing specific), cr.hp,, j.hp
(corner), cr.hp,,, j.hp,,, f.hp, Cerecopter, Diamond Dynamo

This is all theoretical of course


You cannot continue the combo after the Merry-Go-Rilla as your 1 OTG is already used in the j. hk -> cr. lk portion.


Ah, I see. Thanks for the input.


This one seems to be the best midscreen BnB so far.


c.LK, c.MK, j.MP, j.HK (restand), s.MP (stagger), qcb LP+LK, (dash), OTG c.MK, c.HP, j.LP (mash), s.LP x2, c.MP, s.HP xx srk HP

It is actually pretty easy,
“it is very important to quickly dash before you do the OTG c.MK. If you don’t dash, the combo will whiff. If you don’t OTG soon enough, the opponent character can tech out of the combo. Timing is very tight, but it is worth it. Practice and it won’t drop at all.”

I am actually trying to find a way to exclude the j.LP (mash) and replace that with something else as mashing j.LP is hardly consistent. Any ideas?


does the one above work on fortune? i have trouble ever getting it to work on her, seems she is too low to the ground for the to connect. timing is too tight for my liking.


Not directly, I don’t think, but I’m sure if informative input was emailed or otherwise notified to the wiki editors they would put it in.


Why can’t I get s.:mp: (stagger) to hit on some characters?


If your talking doing,,, then try using instead of It doesn’t make it hit 100% of the time on everyone but it does increase your chances.


I’ve found that against Valentine, I can drop the (Dash) and do…

c.LK, c.MK, j.MP, j.HK (restand), s.MP (stagger), qcb LP+LK, OTG c.MK, c.HP, DP LP+LK.

It becomes infinitely easier to pull the combo off at the cost of some meter gain and about six hundred points of damage. If you want to get really dirty in the corners with it, you can also drop the combo after the Merry-Go-Rilla, OTG c.MK, c.HP, s.JC and instead of following up with the j. LP, go for an air command throw reset for a combined 8170 damage as they’ll recover at the peak of their launch. No clue if it flies with Double, but I was landing it consistently against Valentine.


I found something that might help everyone with landing the s.MP after a j.HK, OTG c.LK, c.MK, j.MP, j.MK. If you watch after the j.HK the character will hit the floor and bounce up wait till they are almost back on the ground before hitting with the c.LK. This will cause them to not go as high into the air so your j.MK will not hit them as deep. This will cause them to not be pushed as far back making the s.MP hit. I just started landing the combo semi consistently and figured it might help someone else.


best way ive found to get this consistent is to not hit the jumping MP right away when you leave the ground. you need a slight delay before you hit them and as a consequence it doesnt knock them back as much. do a regular on a standing opp and then use as a follow up to an OTG and note the height difference. the extra height gain is where you want to hit with the


can be started with a jumpin if you want

cr.LK-MK, J.MP-HK (restand) st.MP (stagger) j.HP, cr.LP-MP-HP, j.LP (mash) st.LP-LP-MP-HK xx locknload (L) xx Spinny arms. (dash in) cr.LK-MP (6900)

reliable midscreen combo, works on everyone to my knowledge, if you finish in a corner (which you likely will) you can change the OTG part to cr.LK-MP, st.HK xx cerecopter and get 7500 damage for 1 bar, with the option of adding on a second super for about 8500 damage.

OR you can do what i do and DHC into your second partner (fortune for me) and then pick them up again using the OTG and continue to combo them for around 10000 damage for only 2 bars, with further options of another super + DHC for 3 and 4 bar combos.

i can get around 12000 damage for 4 bars and thats with an incredibly basic combo with fortune, who i have no idea on how to actually combo with her yet.


Walk forward after the air HK.


I’ll just leave this here for whoever… It’s probably been done before by now.



Only complaint is that c.MK has very short range so unless you land a jumpin/punish combo it won’t connect. c.MP is a poke you can use to counterhit, so a combo starting with that should be the goto BNB.

Based on what i’ve seen/played the quoted should be the goto BNB with some edits. I use something similar. I’ve been using ground chain, launch, j.MK,j.HK,,, j.MK, c.MP,s.HK, reset with command grab.

j.MK,j.HK is possible on every character but is harder to hit than j.lp, Due to scaling and base move damage the combo does more damage for using it though and you preserve your j.lp chain.

The j.MK later on is me being lazy/consistent. j.HK should be the goto part as Ando listed.
With these changes you can extend the bnb with another launch into jabby punches, ground chain into s.HK, and still reset.


Yeah, I’ve been using the j.MK, j.HK version too, works on everyone but I do miss it a fair bit as well. I use the double assist and pummel-horse to carry to the corner better and finish with launch-excellabella, but there’s lots of options after the restand.