*****REAL DC Monthly! MARCH 4th!*****

Real DC monthly… We are having a tournament on the same days as the C3CYBER trash shit. They way $7 a person, and next month they want $10. This guy discusts me. Me and C3 had an agreement on our Venue fee in the past, and that bitch got greedy ! :mad:

-Big props to Flash for finding this place, and talking to the manager initially

Where: ** 6500 Springfield Mall
Anime FX (Thats the Store name)
Springfield, VA 22150**

When:** Saturday March 4th, 2006 4pm**

*Games: *
Soul Calibur 3
3rd Strike

*Format: *Double Elim

Entry Fee: $10

Venue Fee: $5

TV’s/Systems/ and Games are needed!

This place is SICK! Anime FX is the largest Anime store on the East Coast. They carry the largest selection of magna and other anmie ‘stuff’. They have a couple of TVs, but we still need to bring our eqiupment!


Hellz yes. My wallet says thank you. Hope this new location doesn’t inhibit the people who’ve come out for the last ones.

Eh, it’s a little easier to get to from the north anyway.

haha, this should be interesting

I live right across the street =)

Knowing how many people come to your monthly’s, isn’t this place kinda small? (Talking about the tv/game section part of it). Or are they going to let us use a bigger part of the store or something?


Forgot to mention you can metro this, its only about a ten minute walk to the mall, or you can take a bus from the Franconia/Springfield stop straight there. The mall also closes at 9:30 so come early :\

From what it sounds like we’ll have access to the whole store.

Is this place big? I dont remember it being that huge.

We can go to the arcade for MvC2 casuals as well.

Is the store closing at 9:30 too? That would kind of suck I guess. :confused:

two tourneys on the same day… i’d rather go to this one since it’s a lot closer to my house.

I talked with the manager, and he told me we would have access to the whole store. Also, he said he has had functions before that were 80 ppl, and he moved his store around to accomidate the large crowd.

I am going to DC on Wednesday (tomorrow) to finialize this deal and to check out the place to give my final approval.

As far as the store closing, I would have to ask the manager, but I dont see it being a problem for him to stay open until the tournament ends.


This place is actually closer to DC then the Sterling place is, but… Whichever one the GG players will go to is the one where i’ll show. I’d rather go here though because I wont have to bug Dan for a ride and I can stay over at Shazay’s house so we can practice.

mvc2 and 3s first ftw on big screens :smile:

i can go to this, but dont expect to have high quality casuals at the arcade, theres always something wrong with the machine.

Well it sounds like the mall closing at 9:30 will mean we’ve got to leave then if tournaments are already done. Lets try to get there early this time then!

that’s so fucked up…how does this promote the scene if you’re splitting people up?


last i checked the anime store is small and tight. besides the cyber store has a wendys near it. anyways there also tga that weekend so im not sure of where im gonna be. only time will tell.

you have to talk to the guy that started this, the cyber cafe guy… Jinmaster started the deal with the guy that runs the Cyber Cafe… basically the guy wants more money ( i dunno but he keeps upping the price.). so i hear, this broke the agreement with Jinmaster and Cyber Cafe guy and thus Jinmaster found another place to accomdate those that really don’t have the money to keep doing this if they up the ante at the other place.

Im sorry if he can go 10 next month he might go 15… thus making it really hard to have funds to go to these things.

Plus it’s an excuse to bring Naruto GNT 4 ( gamcube version) since the place is in anime area. i can attract scrubs into that game :wgrin:

and we need some poker who’s with Me!!!

I want to let you guys know something else.

Pretty much, With C3, the venue was fine and $2 per person was really cheap. When he said he wanted $5, even then I didn’t like it because, David (the owner) and myself and a business agreement on the venue fee to be $2. He saw that our monthlies were growing, and he got greedy. $5 venue fee is the most I would let my gamers pay.

$7 venue fee is retarted. The idea of paying MORE for entering more than 1 game is bad business. Next month the man wants $10… NO WAY!

I am running a huge tournament, this summer called VTYME3 If I money I make from tournaments (like the one in richmond 2 weeks ago), gets recycled back into the community. I plan on running ads on the radio, and spening a lot of money in general on the tournament. My Budget is roughly $10,000. I am really trying to make this the Evo of the EC.

With all that said, I hope everyone understands where I am coming from. I just dont want our players to be taken advantage of. Im not trying to split the community up, but I have to stand up on this one.


It’s all gravy. Just let the owner kno what he’s up against. When Flash and I went up there, he seemed more than happy to hold it. He’s cool w/ me and just cool in general so he wont screw us over.

I like this tourney because I’d be able to make it.

Finnaly we are moving the tournaments from Sterling shit, that place was wack- $5 per hour on computer, raising venue fees, and after paying $7 congradulations, you get to sit on the floor - or between a crowd of people- great fuckin job ::being sarcastic:: . That place sucked… Plus the location of this tourny is muchh much closer to DC.

Even if i got exams ill end up chillinn there.