Real DC Monthly Results! March 4th 2006

55 players came total. Nice showing. Next month, JTYME will be there to wreck shop, everyone be afraid!

3rd Strike

  1. 10x
  2. DevilJin
  3. somebody else


  1. Jer
  2. Tiamat
  3. Flash
  4. Eddiecruizer
  5. Millionz
  6. Seth

T5: DR

  1. Wojito
  2. Millionz

If you have the bracket for the other games pls PM me.

Please discuss anything about the tournament. How did everyone like the venue? Please post up positve in and negitive comments, so we can possibly alter how we do these monthlies.



can you not make it the same day as robins?

BTW the 3rd place guy for 3S was Stewart.

Best thing to remember is to have the tournaments on my day off. :lol:

Also, I liked the venue although I was hoping it would be a little bit bigger than it was. The fact that there was a back room did help though. Need some CVS2 peepz to come down to the next one. I can’t stand Marvel but I like my poke fest. So come on down. Oh and someone teach me how to play Tekken plz…:razz: That and teach me how to run upstairs to do a DR tournament and somehow run back downstairs for 3S?

If not a problem, could you post up who they are playing. DJ told me that 10x was Ken, he was Ibuki, and Stewart was Chun.

(posted by TatsuyaSuou on Dustloop)

  1. Nate “Guymelef”
  2. Dan “Gwyrgyn Blood”
  3. Casey “Tatsuya Suou”
  4. Ilija “RandomJam”
  5. Tom “Tomass”
  6. Dane
  7. Mike “Masaka”
  8. Eli “Gunflame Buri or whatever questionable alias he’s using for this week”
  9. David
  10. Shazay

I think 10x played Duds up until the round robin that we had, then he switched to Ken. Deviljin played Ibuki the whole time, and I whored Chun.

Whoever would’ve gotten 4th (the guy that was also playing in the losers pool round robin) was also playing Chun. I don’t remember the name, but I’m sure someone else does.

And yeah:

Somebody Else = Stewart = Ciddypoo = Me. :looney:

:lol:copter. You’re just somebody else. GG’s man. Oh and yeah…10x did use Dudley for a while. Till he saw he was up against my Ibuki and was like…“time to bring the hard shit”. :tup: Definitely look forward to seeing you at next monthly and playing some more online scrub matches.

Wow. That was a blast. My first tourney and I got MOPPED UP. It was kinda cool though 'cause 10x was using my stick during the last round. I should really learn how to use it though. :confused:

CvS was cancelled! Sucked hardcore. That’s what I really came to play. The casuals were hella’ fun though. Hope more CvS players show up next time so we can actually get a bracket!

And DJ, thanks for the Tweleve advice. Didn’t really matter a lot in the end, but it was much appreciated. DP>IAD. :frowning:

I have to say I WAS expecting to hear “…a-hem… f@#$in’ scrub…”, or something to that effect like every five seconds, but that wasn’t the case. I’m glad no-one there was really (outwardly) discouraging to a new player trying to break into the scene. Great games everyone, and see you next month!

hey, nobody gets called a scrub, even if they are a scrub. If they do so, yell out b1gazn and Ill come regulate shit.

What about the tournament? How was it ran? How can I make the next one better?

Haha. Thanks man, I’ll keep that in mind.

I thought it was great. I spent almost as much time driving that day as I did playing, but other then that, it was awesome.

Bring Dark Ressurrection cabs downstairs so we don’t have to run upstairs to play. :lol: Oh and find some people other than me and 3 other people that like to play CVS2.

Oh and yeah, no one takes the time to call anyone scrubs at tournaments unless they’re totally joking. All the scrubs at tournaments already know they’re scrubs and all the good players are too busy beating their ass and moving up in the tournament to worry about it. All of those scrubs that talk shit on XBL never come to tournaments cuz they know they would get beasted and wouldn’t dare talk shit in real life.

Oh and Jin, you are not going to be at next DC monthly. Just give it up. :lol:

it was very disorganized, you can make it better by showing up. the end.

Man, do you got things wrong. If you thought C3 was greedy, you should of saw the guys at Anime FX. These guys were making everybody pay before entering the venue. I was practically bombarded by the employees when I first walked in. And the thing that made me pissed off was the fact that the employees were basically telling me to leave if I did not pay the venue fee. Then I asked to talk to the tournament director, because I wanted to know what was going on w/ Marvel. Instead of letting me go to the back to ask my questions, an employee escorted me to the back, and waited there until I finished talking to him. After we were done, he basically asked me to pay for the fee or leave.

Now I understand that this is a business, but they were being way too anal, especially for a local tourney. And the people were getting pissed because DR was being held in the arcade, they thought that they were taking business away from them. But the fact of the matter was that most of the people who did enter the DR tourney, had already paid for their venue fee. To complain after they had already paid for something that they were not using at the time is damn right stupid.



Bigger space
Opened till the morning
Relaxed enviroment
Has more televisions(from what I hear)

Too far

Anime FX


Small area, compared to C3
Closes very early

I’d love for Anime FX to become the new place of venue, but with the attitude and space provided, it looks like the future of C3 is brighter than Anime FX.

Shut up scrub



the b1g boy gettin the gat on us. dont get shot BITCH


Victor yells that shit so funny.