Real Decoy bitched out of playing rocky rose

he blocked me and didnt answer my challenge tonight at 11pm

GGPO, tech support, free controller before any fights take place, $100 win or lose.

why not accept my offer of tech support, it cant hurt. If that fails try a friends pc. One way or another we can get you up and running on there.

There can be no valid excuses rocky.

I really want to make these matches happen and im trying my hardest to help here but it appears you are the one who’s running and putting obstacles in the way.

I thought HF would be like 8 frames bad, which is pretty awful but plenty of ppl in the Melty Blood and #R community put up with it.

…it’s not. It’s like 16-30 frames bad.

miles no one cares about what u say your a scrub and a half.Elton is ignoring the fact that DECOY BITCHED OUT YET AGAIN and elton did NOT POST MY PICS I SENT him prob out of jeoulousy.Yea I got your cornfield bitch YEA I did NOT LOOK so country in those pics huh elton? Im 6ft 6 178 pounds zach morris CLONE im the best LOOKING sf 2 player ever

Real decoy vs Rocky Rose heres LINK [media=youtube]ZrjSqK7xPLE[/media]

I haunt your dreams. :stuck_out_tongue:

Play me no your just fodder for my next vids,Charles BARKLEY refers to me as manny and you as hatton WATC

[media=youtube]_9i9pK4mgbY[/media] charles reacts to ROCKY knocking out REAL DECOY

[media=youtube]_9i9pK4mgbY[/media] dam DECOY you couldnt last LONGER with the great sf 2 god ROCKY ROSE

Real decoy doesnt realize IM gamertag GYROMILEGOD83 I beat real decoy 24 games to 7 when I was a mere rookie at HF.And now I wanna tape it.Feb 14 11pm eastern time first to 30 games in sf 2 HF.That gamertag is now SEINFELD 101 and the other gyromilegod is SNIPPYJK13

get on dat cvs2 xbl, i want some of that master roll supers

feb 14th 11pm REAL DECOY lets play DONT BITCH OUT scared little BOY Im going to Give YOU A PUBLIC BEATING ill send inv feb 14th at 11pm eastern time DONT RUN ill never stop so go ahead and play me decoy and get your ass handed to you.:china:

…who’s down $5 because he bought an unplayable game.

I just don’t want other people to make the same mistake I did!

Thanks miles, you just saved me 5 bucks!

AHH whiny little babys,watch my videos of sf 2matches do u notcie any LAG NOO so stfu you whiny little BASTERDS if you wanna talk about lag talke about the SAMURIA shodown for ps3

Even with laggy games like samariu showdown on PS3 I can stil pull off all my moves and techs and throws on it I DONT COMPLAIN.On sf 2 HF for 360 THERE IS NO LAG so you whiny little dick RETARDS go away with your crying ass self.MILES your a perfect EXAMPLE OF WHAT TODAYS video game PLAYERS have become WHINY short attention span LOSERS who play a game just to find somin to WHINE about it