Real Dirties Day Results! (-@!-02

Thanks to everyone for coming, not spectacular turnout, but not too bad…

MVC2 - 7 Entries

  1. Javier “Khameleon”
  2. Mike “-=Infinite=-”
  3. Mike “Lupid”

Can’t remeber the rest, as someone felt the need to lose the bracket.

CVS2 - 14 Entries

  1. James “Baltimore Chun” Paige
    2 Jason “Rugal B.”
  2. Javier “Khameleon”
  3. Mike “-=Infinite=-”
  4. Carlos
  5. Rob
  6. Will Martin
  7. ME
  8. Alex “Alexre” Harris
  9. George
  10. Jeff
  11. Tom

Sadly, with GT shutting down, we need to figure out something. And of course, the theif has probably compromised our locale, so who knows?

DAMN! Such a small turnout!:frowning:

Hey how did i get a lower place than george when I beat him?

Samurai Shodown II

Samurai Shodown II results:

7)Dion (my lil’ bro)

Best tourny there, LOL.
:cool: :cool: :cool:

Well, I guess no one is taking this stealing shit serious. Ok then, I’ll just turn the heat up myself. If everyone still wants to act like its no big deal after this post, then FUCK ALL OF YOU.

Agetec users:

Mas/Arcade stick users:

Ok, well, here’s all of the suspects. IMO we can go ahead & eliminate all the people who use the MAS/Arcade sticks. Doesn’t make any sense that one of those guys are gonna take TWO Agetec sticks. Plus, I saw most of the people from this list leave anyway. So, that cuts the list in half.

From the Agetec list you can eliminate Tom, Antron & myself. Tom & Antron are my personal friends & I wouldn’t steal from myself. Also, I saw Darryn leave & he had his own 2 sticks w/his initials on them. SO that leaves:


Now, I can break THIS last list down even more, but I’d rather have other peoples opinions before I go any further. Remember people, you all pretty much know each other so this shouldn’t be to hard to figure out. I just want my stick & VMU back. I wouldn’t take your guys shit. If I get a PM from someone by Fri., I won’t continue with another post.

SG out…thinks that TWO sticks actually being stolen is BULLSHIT. Yeah, that’s right, I only think that MY stick is really missing, hint hint

Sega does what Nintendont!!!

Seriously guys, this is fucked up. Toby goes out of his way to host a tournament, makes it a great time, has one of the best setups ever and you gonna punk out and jack his sticks? That’s fucked up, on the real. Toby, if you find out who did it and doesnt give it back, give me a pm and i’ll fuck up his comp. This is quite gay and doesn’t help Bmores shitty arcade scene as it is. Be and man and give his shit back, this is real fucked up.

No matter the turn-out, i still had a great time. Thanxz everyone.

Actually, if you want opinions, I wouldn’t automatically eliminate the Arcade/MAS users. There is money in Agetecs when you know people. Also, I invite a lot of people over here, so if you find out for sure, let us know, I don’t want grimy theif niggas in my crib.

Oh, Izak, I have this feeling that computers are the the last thing getting fucked up off this shit. Maybe chins, and eye sockets, niggas are heated.

EDIT Also, like I said before, if it magically appears in my mailbox, we can avoid any further action.

True, this is just fucked up. Why would you wanna steal someones joystick when you KNOW that all the gamers in bmore know each other and you KNOW that they will hunt you down. I would offer some chin checkin, but im too skinny, so i’ll stick to my nerdy attacks :smiley:

I’m proud you finally brought out the tron inside you, i knew it was there :).

That was too homoerotic for words…:confused:

Here’s my analysis…

There’s no way any of the mas stick users coulda taken it. We all left at the same time and toby saw us leave, we didn’t have backpacks or anything, so there’s no way we coulda snuck one out. I know that rob, jason,carlos and james didn’t take it, so that leaves alex, chris, darryn, will and george. There’s no way darryn coulda taken it, seeing as he co-ran the tournament and was with toby till the end, so its not darryn, so im thinkin its either alex, chris, george or will. Toby pretty much saw everyone besides these guys leave. Im not tryna blame anyone for this, im just tryna help out toby. He throws great tournaments for us, and someone’s gonna go a fuck him over like that?

hey isac guess what?

I’m sorry that the sticks got stolen but at the same time I 'm hurt that my name is coming up so often. First of all, I have my own shit and I don’t need to steal anyone elses. Next, I wear a fucking see thru backpack, if I would have took it ,you would have saw it clean as day. I enjoy getting together with you guys when I can because I always have a good time and I would never do anything that would fuck that up. Again, I’m sorry your things got stolen and do hope the motherfucker gets caught.


i think javier or micheal took em…j/k. they have mas sticks. khameleon and infinite: team decepticon. ATTACK!!!

yeah, this shit is really fucked up. toby did supply a great place for us to play at and for someone to shame him in his own house like that is ridiculous. i think that if these people do not turn up, then we should atleast remberse toby to the sound of…well…perhaphs a mas stick? i figure it’s around 100 bucks, there were more than ten people at the tourney, so if we all pitched like ten, we could easily do it. i also don’t appreciate these ham-handed allegations. i personally thanked toby, while walking out only holding my mas stick. well…you all should think about my suggestion, because i think that noone should suffer this bullshit, especially if he is the one that supplies the place to play.

                                                       -Jose from Jeff's house

That’s a good idea jose I even showed toby my sticks so I wouldn’t mind giving him ten dollars.

Oops, Its a good thing I didn’t go,nobody showed up at all…
Oh well…TOASTY!!!

cuz u r scared of me, its ok i know you wanted to save your money, you talked hella stuff in the forums and then dont show cuz u probilly heard i was coming.

I’m down for that, toby went wayyy out of his way for us, and someone ------ jacked his sticks. Gay ass homo bmore shit :lame: . Let’s also remember to thank the thief for ruining our tournament scene even more.