Real Dirties Day Results! (-@!-02


Thx, I appreciate the offer. But, I don’t think ANYONE should have to pay for some dumb-ass retards fuk-up. I really don’t want to have to buy another joystick, so I’ll offer this trade:

Here’s what is included:
Real Bout Fatal Fury Best Collection-Good Cond.
X-Men vs. Street Fighter-Mint
Marvel vs. Street Fighter-Mint
X-Men Children of the Atom-Mint
Pocket Fighter-Mint
Vampire Savior-Mint
Guardian Heroes-Mint
Fire Pro Wrestling S-Mint
2 4mb Ram carts
1Pro ACtion Reply Plus 1mb-4mb
2 6-player adapters
& of course 1 MINT boxed system w/Virtua Fighter game & s-video hook-up.

I also have a mint PS2 w/ Metal Gear Solid. (not a big PS2 fan, mostly use it for my PS1 games) Only have had it for 3 months.

SO. if someone has something for TRADE, I think this would be better. Like I said, if people were to pitch in for another joystick for me, then he would screw ALL of us.

SG out…hope I can work something out w/someone :smiley: .


I don’t even know who you are. Have we met before?

And I said I’ll go home between now and Nov. but I guess
snakes and white cats are dispursing around a shared but common dilemma.
:depress: :depress: :lol: