Real hard time looking for damage.. sigh

I’m sorry if this is like every post. I did search around, and data is so far spread and I had a hard time finding the answer to my specific problem. With that said…

My Akuma is mediocre. I can’t get above 1000bp with him. I’m still trying hard though. I wont switch characters, I have too much time invested in him to jump ship. I have all of his hard trials completed, over 500 matches with him… I still can’t put it all together. I really need some guidance from the better Akuma players here.

My combos are all pretty solid. I have my block strings doing good, and I rarely ever make mistakes on any bnb combo. I can even dp fadc red fb pretty consistently. I have some other fadc tactics, like after a fb fadc mk - to whichever combo suits the situation. I guess I’m just trying to say that I’m not terrible and not a waste of time. I really do want to progress.

I watch all kinds of videos of good Akumas doing work, and I try to apply their techniques… It rarely works. The problem I’m plagued with is hunting for damage. I can turtle and find mistakes to punish, but I feel like it isn’t enough and I’m playing too much defense. I really want to be a rushdown player, but I ALWAYS get punished. That, or I feel like I’m not charging correctly and my offense has too many holes in it.

My techniqes (please critique me hard)

When the match starts, I generally jump pack. I’m too scared to demon flip or hk in fear of being punished early. I then begin fb zoning. I like to get my opponent just outside of hk range so I can air fb then try to demon flip into them while they’re focused on blocking.

I seem to get punished a lot trying this. I don’t do this all game, and I don’t make it obvious. I even move backwards sometimes like I’m retreating then throw a demon flip out. It’s like people are always expecting a jump in.

Is there a better method for rushing with a jump in for Akuma?

Crossups: I SUCK at them. I try to get a knockdown, then go for a crossup. I’m either punished or they whiff a wakeup dp and I’m way out of range to be offensive… Opportunity failed. Some people absolutely abuse me with crossups, and I still can’t figure out how they’re doing it. Which chars do you think I should always attempt to crossup, and which ones I should be extremely careful with? - Ken, Ryu, and Blanka give me the most trouble.

After I get a knockdown, I generally do pretty good baiting my opponent to do some sort of dp and punishing accordingly. It works maybe once, then after I knock 30% of their hp off, they don’t do it again. Then it’s back to my lousy offense.

My biggest problem, facing Sagat. With no rushdown skills, he just has a field day with me. I really want to do better against him.

If you want to train me on Live, I’d love the opportunity. My gt is Shawnscp. I really need to figure out why I can’t get consistent wins in this low of a bp bracket.

Sorry if you’re sick of seeing these threads. :china:

500 matches is not a whole lot. If you add me on XBL ill try to help you out when im free because you SEEM coherent and logical.

Adding you, thanks a lot man.

West don’t help people out, he pushes buttons and it works for him. HAHA love you bro…

A. B. Pfieffer.

Catch you in the dungeon with Lord Tatsu sometime.

Edit: OP, you are one of the few newer guys here that actually uses punctuation. With that said I doubt anyone will flame you.

It’s fine if you want to play it safe, but jumping back is too timid a way to do it. You don’t really get anything by doing it, and sacrifice initial momentum in your opponent’s favor. If you want to be safe, just walk back at the start, this allows you to punish if he jumped in (thinking you were going to fb), or play footsies if he moves in. The worst that can happen is he makes you block a fireball or something, and if he gets predictable with that jump in at the start next time and punish him hard.

All good until you got to the demon flip part. The demon flip limits you, because your decision to do it must be done right after the air fb to be even remotely effective, which means you can no longer react to his reaction to your fb. On top of that, you won’t be protected against reversal srk or similar things. I usually just walk forward after my air fb. That way if he jumps it, I can punish him for that. Or if it hits, I can combo off it, depending on range. Or if it is blocked, I can play other ground-based mind games.

Except against chars with poor AA, you shouldn’t base an offense around jumping in. Work on your footsies game until you can force your way in on the ground.

Work on your tatsu crossups, they are among Akuma’s most powerful wakeups.

Don’t crossup Blanka.

Sounds like you just need to work on your yomi skills. Consider simple things like throwing him as he wakes up. You need to recognize when your opponent has been stifled into sitting still and respond to that. Get into his head.

You don’t need to rush him down, your fb game is better than his. Make him come to you. And exploit the fact that he can’t duck your f.HK.

I’ll give what info i can, i’m on bold.

I believe there are a couple things you should be workin on that’ll help with your akuma.

  1. Try working on your ground game and footsies as Muken said. Jumping around too much is bad. I used to get punished hard because I would always jump back and air fb when I felt threatened.

  2. As for crossups, it would help going into training mode and practicing crossups with the tatsu (which im not very good at atm), or the crossup with your short or forward kicks. Also if you feel like you cant defend against a crossup and you know it’s coming, u can always teleport out reset the fight! :smiley:

  3. Spacing is important, make sure you know spacing in matchups. I believe that games with some long player matches with any of your friends your level or higher will help in that department just takes time.

One more thing, I know it’s not good to throw out alot since you’ll get punished severely for it but Akuma’s FA is amazing I use it at least once a match, maybe twice to good effect.

The only time you should leave the ground is when your foe is unable to punish it. Otherwise you need to stay fixed on the ground and work your way in. That is easier said than done however and this is where good and great players are made.

I also can’t emphasise this point enough. Stay grounded. This applies to most of the cast. As soon as you take to the air you remove a huge semblance of protection. When you remain grounded at least you can block, or in Akuma’s case, teleport away.

On this subject, I’ve been vastly improving my Ryu match-up by remaining grounded and focusing on footsies. Akuma’s walking speed makes him a fantastic footsie player - you’ll be surprised at how many sneaky leg sweeps you can get in which allows you to apply some wake-up/cross-up pressure. I find versus Ryu however that isn’t as effective due to his versatile focus absorption. A focused leg sweep however allows you to cancel into an Ultra.

Neutral jumping is also a good option should you decide to take to the air as you can lob a fireball on them and chase it with a standing roundhouse to keep them locked in place.

I too am an Akuma beginner and my game improved significantly when I made a conscientious effort to remain grounded. Try it.

You mention a willingness to be more offensive but its important to realise that while Akuma makes a fine offensive player, you need to be smart about it due to his poor stamina. Reckless offence with Akuma will get you knocked out quickly and thus you won’t learn a great deal. Focus perhaps on drawing your fights out a little and making smarter and more calculated grabs at your offensive opportunities when they present themselves.

An inverse example of this is actually using Ken. Ken’s pretty much an offensive character based largely on risk/reward. But he can AFFORD to play this way as he does not have Akuma’s health handicap. With Ken you can jump in with reckless abandon to fish or gamble for those opportunities - if you get smashed away, oh well, not to worry. Ken gets back on his feet and gives it another crack like a complete idiot. I love it. Trying this approach with Akuma more than once will almost spell the end of the round. With this in mind perhaps it will give you an idea of how Akuma is best used offensively.

Another thing I’m learning with Akuma is patience. I also use Dhalsim so this is a somewhat familiar approach but I also feel a good Akuma player should be patient also. Impatience often makes you sloppy and leads to unnecessary risks which will fast deplete your vitality.

Hopefully this helps. Again, I’m a new Akuma user but these points are helping my game significantly.

I’d be happy to get some practice matches in w/ you, my GT is “anavrin78”.

I don’t know how to gauge how good I am w/ him, he’s been my main character since I unlocked him, and I think Im at about 1400 bp’s, but I lose a lot of them b/c I take other characters online that Im trying to learn and I have been getting beat pretty bad trying to use Rose lately.

I have been playing a lot over the weekend, and I think as Akuma I went something like 40-5 or 6 losses. Most of my matches I pretty much play off of what the other person does, if they try to fireball me to death (Sagat, Ryu, Ken, Guile) I just use the 3x fireball ( not sure of the name) and punish them w/ HK if they try to jump in.

I have a little bit of trouble w/ people that try to get in close w/ me, but I have started using the focus attack, and it’s made a huge difference in my up close game, especially when I focus and then dash cancel back causing my opponent to whiff on a uppercut and then I give them the lk spin kick followed w/ hp uppercut for big damage, then follow it up w/ a real focus attack.

Anyway Im rambing. I love Akuma and I cannot for the life of my find another character that gives me anywhere near the enjoyment of playing the game that he does, and always jump on the chance to play w/ a fellow akuma so I can see what I can add to my game so that I can say:

“I alone have mastered the art of combat!”

my only advice I learn your match-ups. I have a different strat for every character. Just knowing what beats what is alot and sf4 is alot like a pretty game or rock paper scissors just on roids.

I’m not an Akuma main, but it sounds like you are forgetting the basics…no not like basic bnb combos etc…but basic fighting game theory.

You are being very mechanical and applying a “if he does this then I do that” mindset…you need to start incorporating mind games…

A simple example: So you baited a dp on wakeup and punished…they stop doing it…you know they aren’t going to wakeup dp anymore…now you need to start mixing in some throws…now the opponent is thinking “is he going to throw me?”…now you have meter…throw out a shoryuken when they try to tech your throw…if they read it and block…FADC out.

Another example: Your little fireball -> demon flip thing… so you get punished from doing a full screen air fireball and demon flip…next time use lk and do a short demon flip…palm so you land short…odds are you might have trained him into thinking dp on reaction froms eeing the demon flip…bam…you land short…dash in…go to bnb.

Combos aren’t everything: I’m not exactly consistent with Akuma’s bnbs, but have no issues winning with him online.

Also there is such a thing as safe rushdown…but for this you will need at least a decent footsies game.

Bottom line is…start thinking about what the opponent will do in certain situations (instead of “how can i get this combo off”)…start making the opponent overthink…and get a grasp of footsies…

No reason to jump back at round start…no reason to do something risky as a demon flip on round start…just walk in…and WORK for your position…positioning is earned.

btw I’m just starting to learn this stuff myself…I am an 09’er afterall.

Hello, I’m new in this forum :slight_smile:
I read this thread from another website, and I just have the same problems which are described here.
As an Akuma-Gouki player, I face a lot of offensive problems in encounters, and I try to resolve these.
I played a few times versus a very good Rose player (luffy086) who taught me to stay on the ground for pokes instead of spamming air Zankuu’s, to play a little more with FADC to apply some pressure on the opponent, and to abuse the Demon Flip when you’re close.

As for Crossups, I still can’t manage them. I know the basics of it, but I still don’t know how to use it correctly, and how to avoid it (some says dashing is a good thing to do, but others says that invert blocking on crossups entries are sometimes better).

So, I try to train on that. If you wan’t to play with me on the Windows Live, my nickname is havoknem3.