Real Info on this upcoming patch

So today there was some bad news posted up on the KOF XII FB, saying that they were still testing the patch and, basically, that it may even be further delayed because of Golden Week (a Japanese holiday if I understand correctly…)

This is what I know…

The patch started testing Wednesday. From a person who has been testing it, it is on par with SF4 and the game totally works with this new netcode. SNK is going to work through the holiday as well to get it out.

It also has to go through some approval process with both Sony and MS before it can be released…

I’ve been pretty pissed at how long it’s taking but that does make me feel better.

This is the truth. I don’t post here much at all but I thought this deserved a thread cause it’s the best news I’ve heard so far period. This dude was very confident I would be happy with the final product…

Awesome news, dude. Good lookin’ out.

…well it’ll be better than it is currently at least

Good news. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

This will do wonders for the competitiive play of the game.

I just wish there was a way to ask SNK to use this fixed netcode for 2k2UM, if not 98UM.

Yea sf4-ish nets might not be the best but i just wanna be able to play man. For SNK it’s a huge step up, and maybe from this they can work their way up to current times instead of 1 year ago.

Sf4-level is fine, you can connect halfway across the country and play pretty well. Cross-coast play should be kinda like what good connections are right now :lol: Same coast should be pretty much flawless, then. Sounds good to me :tup:

Thanks a lot for sharing this. ^^

Yea, SF4 netcode is without a doubt the best Netcode that a console game has right now. I’m not sure why people complain about it so much.

Sounds great, now i wont have to imagine i’m playing in kaillera.
SF4-ish netcode is 10 times better than the crap we have to deal with now you know?

This is great news! SF4 Netcode is really good. A lot of lag issues are on the user end. However, a shitty netcode will still be shitty regardless of what you do. Cant wait for real competition!

If you told me at launch I was getting Sf4 netcode with this, I would have been 100% satisfied.

A month or six weeks late isn’t the end of the world to me, though I’d have to relearn the game at higher speed. Noticed the speed difference after a bit of offline play- it messed me up bigtime.

Oh definitely.

You’ll see…

BlazBlue shits on SF4’s netcode. This is good news for KOF12 however. Hope they come through with a good patch.

If it’s on par or even better than SF4’s netcode, they shouldnt stop there. If other projects aren’t in the way, they should work on improving it even better than that, it’ll only pay off even more in their future games.

Just sayin

I don’t mind the delay in the least. If they really somehow deliver SF4 quality or better for gameplay, I’ll wait an additional 6 months.

Sounds like exactly what we’ve been waiting to hear!!!

development delay >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> input delay

=SF4 net play works for me.

This is great news people. Hope it pans out

I’m pumped. Don’t fuck this up, SNK.