Real Life Cyborg Arm

This is absolutely incredible. On the next episode of 60 Minutes, they are going to show a military project that has literally created a cybernetic prosthetic arm. Absolutely awesome, IMO.;contentBody

Incredible indeed. That is amazing.

man I’d love to jack off with that thing. must be some serious stranger hand :lovin:

The [media=youtube]kvzuAxmbSMk"[/media] seems more intuitive than the Deka Hand at this stage. When I see the 60 Minutes article I think, ‘okay that’s a neat novelty…’ but with iLimb, it looks like it’s a few advancements away from an amputee actually carrying on with a normal life. I think with the present technology and the push from the Defense Department to help out all the wounded soldiers, a prosthetic arm should look very functional 10 years from now.


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