Real Life I-No

Guitar player chick (guy? It’s Japan, so ya never know.)) who absolutley rips on the gui-tar!


This is very very good, too bad the internet has scarred me to the point where I don’t know if that’s really a girl or not.

Oh and this is going to be sent to the video section.

  1. video forum
  2. that’s a dude.

y’all asians can’t fool me. I am Maury show tranny test certified, believe dat. No homo.

I’d paperbag it.

And you ARE the father!

horrendously misleading. You’re not I-no until you knock somebody 40 feet into the air with an amplifier, or at least manage to whip off your top without revealing yourself. AND YOU NEED A HAT.
Anybody can be Asian and hold a guitar.

id like to see somoene change thier ethnicity

That’s totally a dude… or a girl with man hands.

girls with man hands are dudes


I find it slightly humorous that we see this and the first thing many of us think is “It must be a trap!”

Very skillful playing though (b’-’)b

EDIT: for the record, I think it’s a woman. A little paranoia doesn’t hurt in most cases, but in this I really don’t see it being something pertinent

You posted a dude in a skirt playing a played out Ozzy Osbourne song. And somehow this reminded you of I-No. WTF dude, I’m glad you got banned for this shit.

I expected an I-No cosplayer playing guitar.
Even if it is with a mouth mask, like many others do.

Damn, thought someone posted up a porn vid of my wife…


i don’t know…i think its a bit harsh :xeye:

I’d still hit it.

Breast Pocket.

Did this guy seriously get banned for posting that video?
Was it because he posted in the wrong forum?

look people here kinda dislike me. A LOT.
At the time this was originally posted it was rather late at night, so, yeah.
And I probably didn’t see the vid section, sorry, dammit.
Nobody’s perfect (though this is perfect bait for some idiot to say “I am” or “yes there are”, or"stfu noob"… Whatever. It’s amazing nobody negs some of you every time you make a mistake…)
and please someone kill this dead thread.

A small bit of advice…stop going to the threads that you made and ressurrecting them to apologize for making the thread.