Real Life Street Fighter 4, made cheesy by me


Well, I have been teaching myself to edit videos and images on my photoshop cs4 and Video Studio x3. I recently got a hand of how to do images with a transparent back ground, so. . . check it out:

[media=youtube]LyBAka7e58E"]**My Take on Real life SF4![/B[/media]

Oh, by the way, I was wasted, and my Girlfriend was beating my ass. Her knowledge of sf4 is as vast as mine on physics; almost non-existent.



This is going to be good.

I like cheese.


me too. Thanks for subscribing!


Texas educator.


lol, yes, and even then, I promise to teach better than I was taught.


Cool story bro.

I’m new to SRK, can you please help me find the video sub-forum?


That’s… that’s great. Really.

Really great.

Keep doing that… whatever it is that what you’re doing is. Yeah.


you actually have to visit the character you want the video help. As for a sub forum, i have no idea.


It felt shameful watching this video…


lol, how come?


This was the coolest most funniest thing ever well gosh thanks for sharing dude! I hope you like it here you will make lots of friends.


well, I did it for the fun of it. And I did say it was cheesy. You guys keep saying it like I didn’t say it first. haha


my brains hurt. yes I do have multiple brains.


its all about lil caesars


Front page material, I haz hits on my utube!!