Real Life Super / Ultra



Apparently it dizzies both characters, lol!

Zangief and El Fuerte has nothing on this guy.


What! :bottle: That was like…SPD Hooligan Throw!

That move must be frigging like…

Charge B, F, B, F, 720 + KKK

That was incredible,how did he manage that jump at the end when he was clearly dizzy as fuck!

you know they are acting right…

Whoa! That last jump move off the top rope is unreal! If he misses he is dead.:wow:

sabin ultra blitz finish!

Finest K.O.

And he didn’t even counter a super!!!, How often does this kind of awesome happen on TV f’real? - I’m ‘bout to start DVRing Telemundo and Univision n’ shit

Well yeah,and I’m no wrestling fan,but it was still technically impressive.


“You’re just mad because I believe in science.”

I need to get moves like that to bust my homies that beat me with their shenanigans.

It helps being 5ft too :wonder:

Impressive none the less.


[media=youtube]gKXmTLubf6c[/media] … 51 sec mark.

i liked how he was building meter too good

Haha, that was awesome!

Great noiw I need to find that on DVD for cheap hehe…

  • :bluu:


jk xD

but is normal to see that thing in lucha libre owo