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Masked Crime Fighter “Phoenix Jones” Gets His A*s Kicked And Nose Broken! [Video]

Now this shit here is crazy as hell.

See what happens when you don’t have a sidekick?

I’m surprised one of the first real life crime fighters would be black. I remember some documentary on G4 about some others, but I wouldn’t have called them real. All they did was call the police and told guys to leave that they saw dealing drugs. On the other hand that news story said that the police doubted they stopped any actual crime.

I wasn’t thinking that we would see real masked crime fighters until there was a period in America that reflects cities like Gotham. you know crime is so bad and rampant there, that it is an incredible sad and frightening place to live and trying to be a cop doesn’t help anything as the police are corrupt themselves and it might even be more dangerous to be a cop as in Batman Year One when Jim Gordan joined the force and tried to actually be a good cop he was jumped my his colleagues.

If you don’t have anything emotional strong for it, then you just have men living out fantasies.

So basically… Detroit?

I don’t know. Is Detroit that bad?


As I see it.

It’s baffling to me that somebody would actually follow through with this fantasy. I remember seeing a website a while back of all these real life superheros (people with costumes and comic book like identities) similar to this guy, but I imagine the thrill must wear off when you step into the streets at night and immediately realize you can’t jump from roof to roof, fight more than 1 person at a time, have no extra senses or detective ability, all the while in the back of your mind knowing you have to get home by 2 so you can wake up for work the next day.

You can’t be a “Superhero” without “Super” powers. You can only be a regular hero. He should have known better than to try something like that. I guess it’s pretty apparent that this guy didn’t watch “KickAss”. That movie is a clear example of why you shouldn’t try to be a superhero.

It’s so fucking dumb, he he plans not to get killed he needs to be more like Batman, bullet proof vest would be a start.


Hahah that guy’s been here around Seattle newswire for the past couple months. Needs a better utility belt, IMO.

Look at this.

ACU Ballistic vest with Kevlar inserts I TRADE! : Tactical Gear at

For $250, he could get the armor he needs with one paycheck. Of course his speed and dexterity would drop a few points. These things usually weigh an extra 25lbs with the plates in. But if he’s going to take on random thugs, this thing can stop a few .38 or .22 shots, stabbings and blunt weapons to his torso. If they however aim for his carotid arteries under his armpits or his jugular, he’s done done lol.

When you don’t have a katana wielding master assassin girl sidekick…

The video under the first Phoenix Jones says that he wears a bulletproof vest. Another thing about that if he was serious I wouldn’t think he would publicly tell people that he wears a bulletproof vest that’s like giving your enemies a heads up to shoot you in the head and not the chest.

He also speaks in his regular voice and tells the news that he has a 9-5 and two kids. A masked crime fighter should be more secretive.

Pretty crazy. Just hope he doesn’t hold up the cops from achieving thier job when he gets really fucked up. Maybe he needs to be more like deadpool and carry a gun and a sword (i guess it might be illegal though). And as far as the actual hood where shit goes down, there is 99.9% there will never be a super hero that lasts longer than a couple days there. They’ll probably not just unmask you, but strip u butt nekkid and keep yo shnit, if they decide not to kill you

he could be lying… hopes to God he’s lying

He also needs better footwear them penny loafers are not the business. He needs some steel toed boots or something like that.

I hope a doppelganger or copycat comes out and tarnishes his name.

lol real life kickass.

He’s just lucky he hasn’t tried to stop me from doing shit yet. :coffee:

Son is doing it all wrong. I swear does anybody understand the basics of this stuff. C’mon now