Real Men Use Q


I don’t know if you already saw this, but even if you did, WATCH IT AGAIN as a reminder of how good this dude is. This is the greatness of Kuroda as he defeats a Urien player, an Akuma player, a Chun-Li player, and a Yun player. In that order.

I’m a big fan of Q, so I like to see justice being brought to the character.

also: [media=youtube]6_hFuD9dmH0[/media]

…Isn’t Q vs. Makoto the most disadvantageous matchup in 3S (for Q, anyway)?

Damn that ‘flurry’ at 28 seconds against Urien is nice…

Edit: Nice vid.

I heard Kuroda was a dick, someone confirm this.

He’s s beast with Q though.



First time watching a skilled Q user, it’s entertaining stuff.

from what i hear, kuroda is just a beast at 3rd in general, with a great chun. Im guessing he plays Q cause he can rock it and not get his ass beat.

I love how the guy evaded certain doom at the hands of the patented “Genei-Jin fuck” and defeated the Yun player. That was tits.

Would you care to elaborate on why he is a dick?

There was a match where Kuroda acted like a dick towards Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz at SBO. Supposedly, he did it to them because Justing Wong did it to a friend of Kuroda’s. Not sure if he does this on regular basis though.


I’ve seen these comments:
“According to Shogo when he first released the vid, Kuroda was specifically playing around with Justin to get back at him for humiliating Raoh in Evo2k4. If you check out the Seth Cam in the 3S Evo2k4 DVD, you’ll see that Raoh was pissed.”

“yep he was toying with him, winning by time out cause Justin Wong beat one of Kuroda’s friends through timeout in mvc2 and didnt shake his hand. Likewise here.”

^Good vid.

The whole thing was :tup: in my opinion. [Especially after reading the backstory you posted.]

Kuroda vs. Ortiz/Wong is a classic (comedy). Especially with Kuroda contemplating on Chun at the select screen and Q’s low forwards vs. Wong.

He wasn’t saying he was a dick. He said he HEARD he was and wanted someone to confirm for him.

ill never forget the kuroda ocv of justin and ricky

Harmonaz was saying he tried to get an interview with him at SBO and he refused in a very unfriendly manner.

Whether he’s a dick or not, he’s an incredibly impressive player.

And that’s why that homie is a Q PIMP!!! One of Masters the FMFU style :For me Fuck U: I hope to god I can MEET him if/when I get to Nihon Land

And now if you’ll excuse me I must go to work on another time bomb for my upcoming Apocolypse

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Kuroda’s probably one of those guys who isn’t very sociable and comes off like an ass if you don’t know him or if he doesn’t particularly care for you. He’s obviously loyal to his friends though.