Real names in tournaments


Hopefully someone can answer this: are there any negative consequences for not giving ur real name when signing up for EVO or for any other tournament that requests ur name?


Verification of identity/payment maybe?

Why don’t you want to use your real name?

Here, I’ll break the ice: I’m Carlos Alexandre. Nice to meet you.


well thanx 4 answering. i like to not use my real name if i can help it (what with all the hackers in the world). but if i gotta do it to get paid i will


Also, you can run into the problem of there being two "RealCoolAkumaSlayer"s which is going to be giving everyone making/working brackets a big headache.


arent ppl’s gamertags, psn ids, etc. put into the brackets instead of their real names? and honestly there’s as much chance of two ppl having the same tag as two ppl having the same name


Yes, that’s why you want to have both. You might have two Andrew Lee’s but one calls himself BisonBeater and the other ALAmmyFan. You might have two ScrubKiller’s but one is named Frank and the other Kyle. That’s why the more information you give the better.


honestly all i want to do is change my last name to “smith” or something common like that


What’s a hacker going to do with just your name? Add you on Facebook?

“Hey, this guy Jose Cuervo entered a Street Fighter tournament yesterday. Let’s rob him blind!”


I was gonna say something like that but after thinking how some people also put down their gamertags during registration, with those two pieces of info somebody might be able to get at your account. If they tried REALLY REALLY REALLY hard. But no one in the FGC is gonna put in that much effort. If anything they’d be going after JWongs account or something


Just give your real name. “Hackers” aren’t going to do shit with it, unless of course your SS#, birthdate,and address are out there already, and wherever you gained this perception that “hackers” are going to fuck shit up just because of your real name being on a bracket sheet for a fighting game tournament you need to stay away from that person/place/thing.


You don’t get out much, do you?