Real Quick Blanka Question

Hello fellow SF fans! I am keyman4 and I am newb to this great fighting game franchise. I was playing SF II: Champion Edition and I have decided to main Blanka. The only problem I have with him is mastering his “Rolling Ball” attack. (well really, I seem to have a problem with all of these “charge” (Guile’s Sonic Boom, Balrog’s Punch Dash thingy) moves) and would like to know if there is easier way to learn how to master this (just Blanka’s Ball). Thanks!

Easier than what?

Hold back for about 1 second, press forward + punch. Immediately after you press punch hold down back again to start charging for the next move. You hold down-back instead of just back because it allows you to charge for his vertical ball as well. You can even mash punch while the ball is active. If the ball hits the opponent, nothing will happen, but if it misses (eg. if they try to jump) electricity will come out after the ball and they’ll land on it if you time and space it properly.