Real Renditions of Street Fighter Moves. HUNDRED HAND SLAPS ADDED!

Ok, so I thought I’d make a thread and see how many vids we could find of people attempting to do well done renditions of street fighter moves.

Rules: They have to be real. No editing, no After- Effects bull.
They must be well done. No epic fails plz .( I may create another thread though of “Fail” versions of the moves.)
They have to be somehow humanly possible. For example, it’s “possible” to “hadouken” by rubbing Vaseline on a tight paper ball, lighting it, and throwing it. It’s possible to Hurricane kick fairly well through practice. It is not possible to stretch like dhalsim, however it is possible to spit kerosene and light it.

…Got it?

Well let’s begin then!
I’ll start off with a few vids I’ve found on " serchinn en teh Youtoobz".

Flash kick (Tricking Tutorial): [media=youtube]X9TSYuog2pw[/media]

Tatsu (Tricking): [media=youtube]LsweUX_YpYo[/media]

Crazy kicks that Juri would be proud of: [media=youtube]skObnZ_i_Zo&feature=related[/media]

Capoiera… Pleas help me find somethin better than this: [media=youtube]51q1VB_dDik&feature=related[/media]

YOGA FLAME!: [media=youtube]6klNEkSIYiw[/media]

Muay Thai Flying Jump Scissor Knee/ TIGER KNEE!: [media=youtube]z5wWfN9zSRU[/media]

Real Gief Ultra (lol): [media=youtube]_jofQlIoaWo[/media]

Hundred Hand Slap: [media=youtube]P-cD38BRZ-0&feature=related[/media]

“PASTOR ZANGIEF” Lariat: [media=youtube]NARLQuPMPh8[/media]

Makoto’s karate throw (pretty meh.): [media=youtube]Cm67h3TOwi8&feature=related[/media]

Your link for yoga flame and tiger knee are the same.

The tatsu was cool. but gief’s ultra took the cake.

Look up lateef crowder for the Capoeira

i second this. he does a lot of eddies moves in the protector. (the fight scene in the church)

and then the sky parted and a beam of light shot to the ground and all was amazed by his power


for those of you who wanted an eddy reference. bear in mind this is an sf thread, though. I was more looking for an elena somewhere out there, but this can do.