Real setup or bug?

at 53 seconds… is this actually possible or just SF4 shenanigans?
cant even get DS to link to s.HP

any input is appreciated, thanks

The link is possible…very strict timing, like half a frame lol… not very practical though… better to link into s.HK into followups… how the FADC made him cross up like that… No idea on that one…

It works on a meaty f+HK. Dartshot has 4 active Frames and is +4 on hit, so if you land it on the last 2 active frames then you can do allsorts.

Never knew that if you FADCd the HP you cross them over though. That’s mad

what he said

what he said

also it’s mainly (probably exclusively) Vega only
alot of characters including Ryu Chun Makoto has mix ups like this vs Vega

Ok so i ran some tests and apparently this setup only works on Vega and Cammy
also, s.HK wont work, but s.HP or f.HP works either in corner or mid screen

overhead FADC cross up works on guile up close and from after a jab or 2 in the corner.