Real Superhumans "What's your power"?


So, this show called Real Superhumans has been running on the discovery channel. I don’t know if many of you are aware of it, but it’s pretty interesting and you get a chance to see how extraordinary the human body can be. With that being said, it sucks that I don’t have a superpower of my own.

Do any of you have any special abilities or talents that you didn’t have to train to get? If you do, then post it up no matter how small it seems. Are you double jointed somewhere, run a 40 in 3.9 or can sleep with your eyes open without your head tilted back? The tell us.

I’d like to think I have super human hearing. Well, not super human, but definitely better than most. Whenever I go to take a hearing test, they always make a big deal about the frequencies that I hear that most people miss. I also have pretty good eye site. I’d like to think it’s on par with those guys that write on rice, but my hand isn’t steady enough to achieve that kind of accuracy.


I sneeze when I think of something perverted


I can wiggle my ears.



if I want to sneeze at will I gotta look at the sun for a second or two and achoo muthatrucka.

works every time.


My fingers on both hands are “double jointed”, or so I’ve been told. Basically, I can flex the top parts of my fingers while the rest stay straight.


I have this too.

Also, I can cross my eyes, then move one eye separately of the other for either eye. That’s right, I’m a goddamn chameleon. :tup:


i’ve seen this show on but for some reason the fact that it was hosted by stan lee made me not want to watch it. if you’re cosigning it though, i’ll have to try and catch an episode. history channel, right?


I can make bowls of fruit loops disappear, but only when I’m exposed to terrigen mist…cough


thanks for the heads up. will def check it out


I have a severe case of right angle hitch-hiker’s thumb. :tup:


I can fit in three bowel movements before 12 noon.


I can manipulate my voice to imitate almost anyone. Just ask anybody who’s heard me voice-act the opening scene from Pulp Fiction by myself.


i can perfect an SAT/ACT three times in a row, dead serious


i can wank so much nothing comes out of my dick when i cum.


I can swag surf…

I think people who play sports and evil businessmen have power because it all requires actual effort to do and we all know we as people would rather watch than do.


I’ve always been able to do one handed push ups since I was a kid.


That reminds me of the fact that many people don’t know how to do the charlie brown during the cha-cha slide. I guess thats a superhuman ability too.


Unlimited potential maybe?

I’m not good at anything right off the bat, but with training & dedication i can become good at just about ANYTHING. For most that is not the case, there are just some things they simply cannot do well no matter how much practice.


I know illegal ninja moves from the government.


There was actually a black guy on the show who mastered sound. Some of the people were proven false, or unsolved. I can make this very loud sound just by tapping on the back of my hands. I usually do it when I’m bored or sometimes I make beats to it or use it to follow the rhythm of something that someone is doing.