REAL TALK: What do we miss about SF4 Bison?

After binge watching SF4 Bison competitive videos, I discovered that I don’t hate him. In fact, that I actually miss him or rather I miss some parts of him.

Like, I miss:

  • The speed. omg. The man was on meth. I’d like to get just a tiny slither of that back if possible, if not his walk speed then just increasing the speed of his mobility tools (dashes and HS/DR).
  • Death Tower back throw. So sexy.
  • Ex Crusher was fun af.
  • The control we had over DR was impeccable.
  • EX DR escape.
  • Having 443 taunts.
  • Omega mode bonus: Psycho Saber overhead

Besides these, he can go fuck himself for all eternity.


I really dislike his incarnation in SF4; but if I have to choose something, I would like from that Bison to this one will be have several victory poses (especially the one that says “my Psycho Power knows no limits”) and EX reversals Ex Psycho Crusher was amazing!!!; I miss his speed but it wouldn’t be so important IF Capcom keep their word; damage and defense in exchange for his speed.

The st.HK

I miss those cheap as fuck LK Scissors and “THIS PLACE WILL BECOME YOUR GRAAAAAVE!!”

And sMK.

I miss everything about SFIV Bison…

but if i had to pick one thing it would be his teleport.

I miss his Walkspeed , his St.HK and ST.MK, Cr.LK, LK.Scissors and his ability to escape to neutral where he excels. I also miss his close.HP, it was so satisfying to land.

What I miss the most is how responsive he felt, despite all his shortcomings and limitation in USF4. What I definitely do not miss is his very low damage and how he doesn’t benefit much from the game mechanics.

Things I miss from SF4 Bison
[] Stand roundhouse anti air
] Fast normals in general
[] Psycho Crusher / EX-Psycho Crusher
] Walk speed
[] Brain dead Knee Press chip pressure
] Costumes

DUDE, yes! Where are my SFV costumes? All I got is a sub-par super saiyan that puts an invisible hat on his head at the end of the battle or a pimp Bison costume. Yakuza Bison was the best but all SFIV costumes for Bison were great.

3/4 cr LKs into SKs, felt good.

and the sound

puf puf puf puf pa pa

Yeah, the pa pa was the best part

Galloping gazelle dash :o

Psycho Punisher (the most)
st. hk
walk speed
ex psycho crusher
and the taunts.
oh and that you can make slide safe. I hate that you have to literally be at max range in order for slide to not be punished.

other than that sfv Bipson >>>>>>

You can make the slide safe without being at max range. It’s called V-Trigger.

You could also do that with focus attack in IV on top of having much better hitboxes so it’s fair to say this move is now comparatively worse.

I mean …