Real tvc irc

Rotanibor made a better IRC then efnet…this one isn’t ass. Webchat client

room: #tvc

Like other IRC’s you can download clients so no need for me to link them shits.

I made that room to try and get all the Capcom Unity guys out of that Meebo chatroom they use, because Meebo is awful. I really wasn’t trying to pull anyone away from EFnet, but if you want to go to the one I made feel free. (i almost kind of expect it to be dead in a day, but whatever)

Fuck meebo and fuck efnet its globalgamer now bitch!!!

Lol, EFnet is fine. The only problem is that Meebo is ass. Also the Unity guys aren’t coming back on their own, so its not really working so far. I’ll probably keep bugging them for a while longer though.

The Unity guys play this game?

There’s a TvC board on the Unity forums. Plus there are a number of good online players on there.