"REAL" Whiffing the controller

Hey I was wondering if anyone ever whiffed the controller on purpose… By that I mean such as on wake up, they knock your sagat down, go to rush you down, but you scare them them by just slamming the board instead of actually hitting a button… They go to block, but you end up just going ahead to throw them. I know it sounds wierd but it does work, does anyone else do anything wierd like this?


… thats a grimey tatic, i think ill use it.

lol nice

How many frames of recovery does slaming on the controller have?

Can you wakeup RC against controller slamming?

Me and my friends kinda have to do it…

Our sticks are soo freakin’ loud, you can always tell if they other guy is doing motions or rev’ing up a mash move. So I’ll end up pumping motions, or mashing, to show them I might do the move… just to keep them wary. So they won’t be able to tell EVERY time if I’m going for super or whatever.

About faking, it’s probably the oldest fake in the book… do a FB motion but hit the wrong button or board or whatever. :slight_smile: I dunno why people are bagging on your for it though. :-/


I see the difference between old school players and the upcoming generation. Its a excellent tatic to use as part of your “mind game” arsenal. I usually wiff a motion not as a wake up but in actually combat…

I use slapping the buttons to disrupt the timing of someone doing a CC in CvS 2…works wonders…

i do this too!!! our sticks are so loud that we know when your activating or gonna super or something. funny thing is that we fake stuff like that when we knock people down. like fake crossover for a free throw. lol

Been doing this for what? 10 years now? Hella old. Still hella useful in American style play. Useless in Japanese style.


I do this in an exagerated motion. I bring my right hand a little off the buttons and pretend like I’m getting ready for something big. The thing is, you need to be quick about it. If you move your hand quickly it’ll catch the corner of their eye and will subconsciously react if its a sudden and exagerated movement.

Sounds silly, but it works for me. People around here are careless, good to bait supers.

Alex Valle does this, he did this to me in CvsS1. I still took out his evil ryu with M Bison tho :cool:

this is of the subject but do you guy look at your opponet when you do a super.