Real World DC. It's ON

Good lord it’s a home run this season. All the girls are quite worthy of receiving BONE? all night long. Usually there’s a weak link…one or 2 girls that are not as hot or just straight up ugly…naw, all girls in the house this season are good ones. I’m talkin’ classic White Kryptonite?, folks. The blonde has a great ass, but I’m mostly a fan of Emily right now…I’d say she’s the #1 for now.

*that one dude that looks like Bailey from Party of Five back in the day(*also seen as Billy on the Double Dragon movie with Alyssa Milano)…it turns out he swings both ways, apparently.

*Black dude is an atheist…this stirs up drama already with the more religious folks in the house.

*I’m sure Black Dude is going to fuck Emily. She definitely wants it. Hit it man…hit it for ME! :woot:

oh my goodness…the amount of white ass on this season is SO delicious…so very delicious. I can’t help it… I love the white meat.

I caught a bit of the commercial…yeah gotta say a few chicks I saw were quite hittable, and that Jungle Fever shit is gonna open up some old wounds, shit seemed okay with Obama in office, but ups he’s this nigga’s dick in a snow white’s bootie!? DO IT FOR ZAMUNDA SON!

Wtf theres a real worl DC now?? I need to start watching more tv again.

Damn, all that bi kid had to do was mention going to church for black dude to flip the fuck out. :rofl:

There is indeed some fine pieces of ass this season. Would have appreciated at least one more ethnic chick, but the parade of white booty is a-okay with me.

ohhhh yes… according to the aftershow that’s on right now, Emily is bisexual too! Hopefully she’ll have at least one kissing scene with one of the other girls in the house. I doubt it though… you know if that happened they DEFINITELY would’ve hyped it up in the commercial preview where it says “coming up this season!..”

Emily is definitely a winner.

Missed it, but i’m sure i’ll catch the countless reruns that will ensue. Cause if MTV is good for anything, it’s countless reruns.

I wonder if they will show off the real DC, the crazy hoods and the black people with the weird accents…that oddly dress the same.

calm down…this is mtv…they manage to white-a-fie everything lol. they could be put in the deep of compton and still find an all white block in there.

I’m not that impress with this season’s cast. They are all like carbon copies of previous cast member of past seasons. Already can tell this season is going to be heavy mix of religion and politics.

They need real real people. as to what I mean, Jersey Shore cast in DC.

Hell no they won’t. Would make for an interesting episode. Imagine all of them leaving the bar drunk and they make the wrong turn in a bad neighborhood. Hijinx will ensue:rofl:

probably not, They’ll probably just stay in Georgetown of Adams Morgan the whole time, maybe wander outside chinatown without entering or spending time inside its station. Prob the Mall from time to time as well…

How is there only one black guy in the cast…In DC!? All these white people are like culture shock. Wonder if they’ll ever wander into PG…

And the black guy is from Baltimore too, so we deserve at least one episode where like 8 niggas are arguing about DC vs. Baltimore for a good hour. Those are always entertaining.

Go-Go anyone?

i can never get enough real world., of course i’ll be watching this.

Greatest Real World let down though? Brooklyn. Now that was unbearable.

lol… white people in dc??? LMFAO

yeah the brooklyn season was garbo, post-greg hollywood was as well imo…cancun and the challenges picked up the slack though.

I have been waiting for this. :coffee:

The challenges were never my thing…Too much of the same if you ask me. Though i do love those freak outs. Veronica thinking she was gonna die from that chick tampering with her harness anyone?

Oh, and This. :lol:

Yeah this is like a bigtime FAIL on MTV’s part. How is it that the Las Vegas and Back to New York seasons had the most black people?
They couldn’t have at least made half the cast black?