Real World: New Orleans

title says it all…anybody else watching?

the ADD guy is arguably the gayest “straight” guy on the real world in a good while.

jersey girl and the other blonde chick with the wild hair could get it in a major way. the arab chick and the other one are mad “eh”.

gotta love the fact that there’s an admitted drug addict in the house.

wait is sahar the arab chick?? Bc shes the best looking one i think.

And yea Ryan is extra senstive…like idk. Ive never seen a guy act like him thats straight. He catching a fit bc guys were hitting on his blonde. He needs to get slapped.

“i think the gay went to your head” ahah even coming from the rude emotionally stunted attention guy that’s a pretty good line

oh yeah also jersey shore 2 preview lmao

Woah this started? I should watch, seeing as I’m about to be a young person living in New Orleans.

yeah after that preview, the jersey shore can’t start airing soon enough as far as i’m concerned. that said, you really think sahar is the hottest? i’ll have to see her slutted out a little to get a fair assessment.

Yea jersey shore needs to come back on asap. The drama this season looks extra weak.

From what i can tell, the blonde with the frizzy hair and sahar are easily the hottest. I cant tell if sahar has a body though

i cant wait to see what theyre talking about in the preveiw with the blonde actin crazy. maybe she’ll outcrazy blonde hair guy

I’m with Bill Simmons on this. Real World has downgraded and is nothing more than a farmhouse/minor league system for the challenges.

I don’t watch the minor leagues, I only watch the major leagues. :coffee:

Best female cast in a minute

The house looks horrible though…like none of those rooms look good.

Ryan is just lookin out for her…he doesn’t want her to get assaulted by Rick Ross at the bar

Anyhoo, Sahar, McKenzie, Jemmye, Ashlee in that order. I’m sure the dudes on the Challenge are just waiting for these chicks to move on up

ryan is a sucker. looking mad salty bcuz shorty was checking for him.

i mean, if i’ve seen every season of real world besides the last DC one so i’mma disagree, at least in part. real world is like college bball, and the challenges are the NBA. you can watch the NBA, yet still appreciate the college game!

yeah i noticed this too. it doesnt really have a coherent theme and is cluttered and the rooms seem really small?

When does the new jersey shore season start anyways?

this season doesn’t look too good. ryan’s a little bitch, he needs to get chin checked to settle his bitch ass down. I hope he gets into some shit with Knight and he gets mollywhopped for it.

the house isn’t that dope either, they don’t even have the big bathroom that they all share.

please please please

I’m happy as long as its better than the travesty that was Real World Brooklyn. I didnt even watch DC

God I miss the classic Real World seasons. Comparing them to the new stuff is like comparing a Ford Festiva to a Bugatti Veyron. Boston, Hawaii, the first New York, Miami, the first New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Seattle. None of those will ever be topped.

Hollywood deserves mention. No one will ever beat Greg.

but he was the only interesting one on that season, i stopped watching when greg left. it’s really a shame dude’s not doing any of the challenges.

That’s what I mean. Greg was the best.

seriously greg would destroy at challenges