Realisitic Character Design Challenge

Say we are coming up with looks for actors for an sf movie (one that will actually be good). Obviously, this movie will be more grounded in the current world, while still bearing all the crazy that sf has (think a really good summer movie with crazy fight scenes). This is something actaully that I do for fun.

Bearing this in mind, I’m providing pictures resembling sf characters. Your job is to draw them AS the character while keeping the realism of the reference picture(S). You can use your own too. Here we go!

First up, Guile.

Daaamn, this IS guile. Idk if anyone will do any better. Show me!

And then, out of nowhere, Yang. Yang’s hair reminds me of Japanese Rockstar hair, or more obviously a Gundam character.

^ This guy kind of has a yangish head/ hairstyle. I could very feasibly see this.

This asian bishonen could have a yang ish hairstyle if he were to cut one side of it down a bit.

As for the clothes, try for a modern asian look that resembles Yang’s costume or even one of his alts.

I just want to see where this goes. I’ve always wanted to make an sf comic with a more coherent story (Sf’s fiction is rather all over the place) based in the real world that we live in. Maybe we can take some designs from here and make a web comic series. I believe this would either start at sf2 or sf1 and go on into 3rd strike. Everyone would be in their roles but in a more realistic setting/style. Everyone would retain their moves, but fight also in more of a style that they were trained in (military cqc for guile and cammy etc). Yun and yang’s roles thankfully would not have to be changed much since their roles are as small town guys working at a restaurant who also are martial artists. That isn’t really that impossible. I would think of placing bison as a Thai general or something that defects due to some personal trauma or revelation over time- and pursues any kind of means to achieve his goal, including learning chi control from rose- instead of an angry asian mario that comes out of nowhere and has his floating castle.

Show me whatchu got :D.