Realism and slippery slope in 3d fighters


Remember Bushido Blade, and how in that game you could cripple someone’s arms and legs, and disable them and their attacking ability? Can such features work in modern 3d fighters, especially games like Tekken? Only fighter that tried this that I recall was Tao Feng. The game had a limb damage system, where the more you blocked with a limb, the more damage you took, until eventually your limb got fully damage, and any attack with that limb did less damage to the opponent. However, you could simply use your chi to heal the limb back to normal so…

How would such a system even work in a fighter now? I mean take Tekken for instance, imagine if you could break limbs and cripple an opponent. How would the game even be any fun anymore? A character like Nina or Dragunov would be pretty much an auto win, since they’d just break all your limbs systematically with their holds, and you’re fucked. Sure, the game system could make it harder to get those holds to land(perhaps a system like Def Jam where your limbs get a lifebar that goes down when put under stressful limb breaking holds?), but then who the hell would play Nina if she can’t even break your arm instantly now? And what effect should limb damage have? Should you simply just do less damage when attacking with that limb? Should you be unable to use that limb period? In that case, what if your leg gets broken, now you only kick with one leg, or limp and crawl around the arena? How would you even fight at that point, crawling and trying to punch Nina in the coochie?

I think this is why this kind of feature never appeared in any fighters besides Tao Feng and Bushido Blade. They suck all the fun out of the fighting. Sure, it may be realistic being crippled from having your arm broken, but wtf fun is there in that? Who the fuck wants to play a gimped character? The second your limb gets broken you’d be totally fucked, more fucked than someone playing MvC2 with a team of Felicia, Rogue, and Thanos against Sent, Storm, and Mags; and losing all but Rogue.


Did you really have to start your posting career on SRK starting a pointless thread on a subject matter to which everyone knows the answer? Like you said: If you could cripple your opponent the slippery slope would put the better player at a bigger advantage the further into the game you got.


For a second I thought your name was BigNiggerDick…


Guilty. I thought the same thing.


In response to the first post, I like those realistic games you have mentioned. I think it would be futile for me to hope for more like them, which that is the kind of fighting I prefer. There may not be anymore of them, because the majority have their interest in traditional fighting.


It would just have shorter rounds really. If you’ve ever played the deadliest warrior that shit happens a lot so matches online usually go to best of 9.


3D isn’t worse than 2D but it obviously requires more effort to make a good 3D game. Its like saying FPS games are better off 2D or anything else for that matter. It doesn’t matter but 2D seems too simple with only 2 directions to move around. Getting a perfect in a game without combos is a lot more satisfying than getting a perfect with 1 combo. As for realism, 3D games get a bad name because Tekken is popular and still plays like trash, were talking about the near same game play of over what 20 years ago?

Pop up combos galore.


kinda like how sf4 is 15 years behind the times? fighting game developers are dumbing down all engine mechanics thnx to suck fighter 4 and its popularity.

if you damage steve arms in TK, he would have NOTHING to use lol. Damage hwoarangs feet, now he has some really shitty punch strings. It also affects balance HEAVILY. If 1 character is going up in their counter matchup and gets limbs damaged, there is practically no hope.

The idea was dumped long ago in favor of keeping balance a bit more stable. Have you seen what happens to someone in bushido blade after you take their legs out? its a cool concept but it doesn’t fit the fighting game scene so well IMO.


*backs out slowly


it’s an interesting thought. It was always fun on the Bushido Blades(when your arm or legs were crippled), to kill someone when you were the “weaker” one. Especially if they were taunting(playing with their food).


Realism in weapon games is fun…not so much in hand to hand (which is why I hate UFC and wrestling games. I don’t care how “technical” they are, shit’s boring). I need SOME embellishment. If Tekken played and presented like vf, I’d stick to 2d fighters. It would be reduced to, to quote BigDiggerNick: “crawling and trying to punch Nina in the coochie” (with VF’s staple crouch jab), to avoid her throws.


If we are going for realism, go try Deadliest Warriors. There are instant kill blows along with removal of limbs, though if your a MK fan there is a game on the xbox called Fist of the Lotus, can’t believe I remembered that name after all the fighting games I played before.

Yes, this game is 3D and has damaging limbs, then again so do many wrestling games.


Damn…there’s like ZERO sense of of impact on most of those throws and attacks.


Most 3D fighters only involve combat in two dimensions though? I actually can’t think of any good 3D fighter that has a nontrivial Z axis.


Fight Night R4?

Not a traditional fighter by any stretch of the imagination, but it does fit the premise you’re going for. You can feel the damage and fatuige on your fighters as the rounds tick away.


That’s the joke

I miss the experimental 90s and 3D fighters in general. Not all ideas were great, but today’s 3D fighters are too streamlined… I guess to appease tournament-level players. That’s why I didn’t mind SCIV bringing back critical attacks, it was something different.


^ I was fine with CAs I guess, but the CFs seemed almost entirely like a gimmick/casual-minded addition to me. It didn’t help that they almost all looked ridiculously lame.


Bushido Blade was awesome.


I liked the big-ass environment in 1. Wish 2 hadn’t ditched that. And really wish there had been a 3.


This could definitely work in a 3d game.
The reasons i dont play 3d games are juggling, the speed (extremely slow, except for VF, but it has worse juggling than tekken), and the blocking which makes zero sense in Tekken and annoys me even more in VF.
Blocking in any 3d game should be the 2d standard, just hold back. if want to move back instead tap back twice.