Realistic DLC wanted list

Hi all, my first post here. I was wondering with the announcement of Broly and Bardock, which DLC characters people want and actually have a shot at making it. For example, I’d love Supreme Kai, but no way in hell it’s going to happen. In a recent interview, a Bandai Namco employee spoke on DLC and said it’s not just about fan favorites, but also if they would serve a purpose so my guess is gameplay wise they need interesting enough moves to be unique and or worth it.

Regardless of the leak, which DLC characters do you want now and in the future? Let’s keep it to 6 now and 4 later, a total of 10. You can bet your ass with the recent success and DB Super almost taking a hiatus that after the first season pack there will be another with the inevitable Jiren among others.

So, what’s your 10 realistic wanted list:
1. Cooler - Has a great story, brother of Frieza and one of the most unique and ‘coolest’ final form looks of any character in the franchise.

2. Imperfect Cell - the best and most menacing looking form, give us a less powerful one to battle with some of the original characters

3. Fused Zamasu - Zamasu and Goku Black are great characters and while we already have Goku Black, so Zamasu makes the most sense, they won’t let them fuse in the game and that is the strongest and coolest version. Zamasu will be in, in some form.
4. Dabura** - This guy has to be in, just a very unique look and moves that go along with it. Think Sub-Zero type freezing with turning people to stone for a few seconds.

5. Buu in final form (Gohan absorbed) - we have the two others, but this form looks the best

6. Future Trunks in Ascended / grade 3 / Rage form - This is just a personal favorite, and would be great to have another form of Trunks. His rage form from Super, his ascended buffed version to battle Cell or the grade 3 level with his pony tal and just the few hairs at the front sticking out.

7. Master Roshi - Just makes too much sense to have the man who taught the Kamehameha to Goku in, especially because he’s unique and provides some fun too. His buffed version would be really funny, maybe even give him the Evil containment wave that he can pull off with an assist from others who hold the bottle.

8. Android 17 - he’s just really cool in Super!

9. Kefla - A female Super Saiyan, count me in. I personally love Kale out of control, but looks too much like Broly. Kefla is the strongest one and looks cool too, so would be great to go against.

10. Ulta Instinct Goku - with the mastered version as a special, the most powerful form of Goku, just has to be in.

One side note, I hope they can somehow give us the Limitless SSGSS Vegeta (dark Blue) since it’s his strongest version. Maybe update the current Blue Version so we have a more powerful Vegeta over Goku SSGSS and then Utra Instinct who’s then more powerful than Vegeta. More for the die hard fans who care about the backstory and power levels :wink: I’d love it then if they make Goku just SSG (Red version) and Vegito can then be the lone SSGSS Blue (light Blue / regular Blue) since he will probably be in.

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1 : Mister Satan i really want him to be a legit good char and not a danjoke .

2 : Arale, power level wise she is stronger than zen-oh so it would be fun, plus we need more headbuts.

3 : Kid Goku/Kid Vegeta for a good laugh.

4 : Metal cooler, this way he is not the same as his bro.

5 : Janemba for fucking around with portals.

6 : Tapion, for the theme. Maybe some big band trumpet like stuff but with his occarina.

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Super Janemba


Super Buu

Broly is already enough. No other movie only character.
As for me :

Kefla SSJ2 or Controlled Kale or Caulifla SSJ2
Merged Zamasu
SSBlue Vegeto

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Dr Gero with a command grab that absorbs super meter(with that as his assist too).

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Now I want that. Intros with #16 & #21 would be interesting.

I would also be down for Super Saiyan Nappa






Vegito Blue

Fused Zamasu


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Mr. Satan, need Dat rocket pack super dash! And dropping bombs!

Master Roshi, don’t care what people say, he’s a bad ass.

And for laughs put in Dragon Installed Sol Badguy and Devil Jin.

I am going to post the realistic DLC list for this game:

  1. Broly - Confirmed.
  2. Bardock - Confirmed.
  3. Base Goku - This is pre-Freeza Goku. As noted by other sources, the base forms are popular in Japan so this is an appeal to the Japanese domestic market. I am expecting the Kaioken to be an essential part of his movest. The game’s code reveals there is in fact a model already built in, so aside from a movelist this is pretty much confirmed.
  4. Base Vegeta - This is Saiyan Saga Vegeta. I made a joke a while back about hoping ArcSys having this form using the fireball move Vegeta used against Goku as a means to troll noobs insisting use “ki blast” instead of respecting the FGC lingo of “fireball,” but it looks that might be a reality. Just like Base Goku, the model is already in the game’s code and interestingly this Vegeta does not have a scouter (more on this later). While it is obvious that this Vegeta will probably use moves he did against Goku and the others, but will he also moves that Vegeta did on Namek as well? Will Vegeta’s Great Ape form be involved?
  5. Cooler - The match announcer has a call out for him and there is a lobby avatar as well. Not sure which form of Cooler we will get, but most likely it is going be Final Form Cooler from Movie 5. Though I would have liked Metal Cooler has a potential composite character that incorporated all of Cooler’s moves from the two movies he was the main antagonist in, but his Final Form his the one he is known for. I just wonder how he will play like, but I am willing to bet Supernova is going to be his level 3.
  6. Android 17 (ToP/Ranger) - Most likely will use the moves from not just the Android Saga, but also the Tournament of Power. Will ToP Android 18 be his assist character?
  7. Vegito - Not surprised, but I wonder which Vegito will be in the game? Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan Blue?
  8. Fused/Merged Zamasu - Not surprised. Was the last actual main villain in Super, so it makes sense.

That is Season One.

Season Two is where things get interesting and yes, I am confident that there will be a Season Two of DLC based on the sales this game generated.
Here are the characters I am expecting (and they are mostly from Super):

  1. Jiren - There is without a shadow of a doubt that Jiren will be among the characters of the next wave of DLC. Though not a villain, but the main antagonist for the ToP and potentially the last one for Super. Expect him in more games from this point forward.
  2. Toppo - Once again, strong character from ToP.
  3. Ribrianne - Lack of female characters? Here’s one for the roster.
  4. Kefla or Caulifla w/ Kale - It is hard to say on which will appear, but if the latter is chosen then maybe Kefla would bec involved as a potential level 3 move? Just thinking out loud.

Now, ArcSys could easily fill out the roster of DLC characters with more characters from Super, but unless Cabba and Frost are in the running, I do not see anyone else.
As for other characters to consider:
5) Janemba - His gameplay potential alone make him a worthy candidate for the roster, which is what ArcSys is looking for.
6) Kid Goku - People have pointed out his gameplay potential and I can see it.
7) Omega Shenron - If there was going to be any GT reps, he is on the shortlist for sure.
8) SS4 Gogeta - Same as above.

Roshi - Been given new life thanks to Super, but can he bring what ArcSys is looking for? Sure.
Zarbon - One source DasVergeben said that Zarbon was considered, but I would take this with a grain salt. Still, Zarbon has his Monster form that could be an install and could have Dodoria as an assist character. I can see a potential with him. Now if Zarbon (and potentially Dodoria) do not have scouters, this leads me to this conclusion:
Raditz - All of the characters in this game that normally would be depicted with scouters do not have them: Nappa, The Ginyu Force, Bardock, and Saiyan Saga Vegeta (with potentially Zarbon and Dodoria in this category, too). Now, what if ArcSys did remove them because of aesthetic reasons (the asymetrical excuse does not work because of the base Goku model, Bardock’s scar, and Yamcha’s scar), but for gameplay reasons? Who better to use that mechanic than the character introduced the scouter to the franchise and was too dependent on it? Aside from his other moves, this mechanic could be what Raditz brings to the table. Plus, he is the only remaining member of the Extreme Butoden (developed by ArcSys) playable roster not in FighterZ.
Dr. Gero - Referenced a lot in this game, was a veteran from the Supersonic Warriors series (also developed by ArcSys) and his life drain mechanic to restore his ki bar might be worth looking into.
Mark - The World Champion and the quintessential Dragon Ball gag character. Though ArcSys had previously ruled no gag characters, should they reverse that decision then this character will on the list.

And that is it for my realistic DLC list.
Here is who I want:

  1. Raditz (I just want my favorite character to be involved in the most hype Dragon Ball game of all time)
  2. Janemba (reason stated above)
  3. Gogeta/SS4 Gogeta (I want to see the Big Bang Kamehameha X 100 in an ArcSys game in all its glory!)
  4. Android 17 (deserves to be his own character. Probably going to happen)
  5. Omega Shenron (why not?)
  6. Tullece/Turles - One of my favorite DBZ movie villains, but his chances are low due to “Goku fatigue.”

Every other character I want is already in the game or will be in the game.

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Turles - Machine gun ki blasted the hell out of Goku. We need two assists like that because otherwise that’s too much Vegeta.

Kefla - More girls, but no gross giant broly girls pls.

Janemba - Good chance to make a technical character with lots of options here.

Swole Roshi - If he was in the new King of Fighters he can be in this game, too.

Vegioto - Arms crossed fighting is cool.

Kid Goku - We need a character with more air mobility or hovering, let his cloud do that.

Base form Cell - Cell needs a tail command throw that drains life. Or maybe his basic throw can do that on snap out to be like he absorbed somebody for a while.

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Well I mean if you look at the site now it even goes down a bit further it looks, like they are getting ready for not only the 8 dlc this year but the next 8/

Anyway from the leaks for the first season the only one questionable to me is super 17. Since the developers have said in interviews the game was only going to take place till the goku black arc. Which makes sense because of when the game was being made and well when they said they started. So 17 wasnt even in super yet. So hes still the iffy one to me. But I guess he could be in there. Id like to think that since its probably going in pairs its actually gonna be cooler and janemba as 2 movie bosses but who knows…The real question is who would be in season too. Since this is supposed to be a realistic list. Id say something like…

Sadly… Gotta do this tournament of power stuff so, jiren, kefla(dont see both girls getting in so probably just do fused one), toppo, probably another goku. Lets go with this final form white hair goku ultra instinct goku.

Then the final 4 gets more iffy. Id still like to say throw in a couple GT things, omega shenron, gogeta 4. Then who knows maybe they will finally do raditz, or have the first 2 androids gero and whoever else it was from the anime they are a tag team but can suck your power give them some gimmicks like that. So just like 18 and 17 have tag moves so do they. Anyway really id think the only potential locks for the next season are those top 4, then next 4 are probably a mix of about 8 or so characters that have a more realistic legit chance of making it. Omega shenron, janemba or 17(if one of them doesnt make this first season), a gogeta form, raditz, gero and android friend, maybe another movie boss, dabura, who knows. But again I think season 2 someones gonna be missing a spot again because 4 of those are just to much of a given.

And after that … well honestly speaking I dont see the game ever getting past 40 characters. I think there would be a brand new game period before then.

the purple ninja from the red ribbon army would be cool. With a gun instead of ki blast, shurikens, smoke bomb, clones-brothers. and so on. Dude had quite the number of diverses strats. Plus he’d have baiken’s tatami gaeshi.

I just want Raditz. Too many goddamn sayans in this game, and the best design is still missing.

“Looks like I’ll have to go all out for you guys. REYAAAHHH!

This really could work now that I think about it. He could have his stationary fireballs from SFxT as well as forehead laser. LLL could be Laser Scraper with the uppercut ender. 2MM could be a low to mid Hell Sweep string.

Some of these suggestions aren’t that realistic. Take the suggestion of Super Buu, Kid Buu already has the human extinction attack, which is exclusive to Super Buu in the show/manga. Why would they give that to Kid Buu if they’d planned to add Super Buu later?

@dialupsucky The DLC has nothing to do with the story, so timeline is irrelevant. Sides. 17 makes reference to his Ranger job during storymode.

I want arale in the game, she is my main wish.
Other characters like master roshi would be pretty fun too, after all, he had fought more than yamcha in dbs.
Other DB games had her, and she was very fun.
I’d love to see how they adapt her into a traditional fighting game.
Also, I think the game needs a bigger representation of the DB legacy.
Y’know, having characters from og dragon ball (like tao pai pai), and dragon ball gt (idgaf if gt is not canon, broly and bardock are getting into the game and none of them are canon).


Actually, Bardock is canon. Here he is in Chapter 307 of the manga:

I’m all in for GT stuff.
Putting aside that the series sucked and isn’t canon (Broly isn’t canon and everyone loves him), we got some really interesting things from GT.

I’d want (in order)

  • SSJ4 Goku (who I find is more iconic than SSJ4 Vegeta or SSJ4 Gogeta)
  • Baby-Vegeta (I absolutely LOVE the design of the Baby-posessed Vegeta)
  • SSJ Gogeta (I’m probably in the smaller camp that likes Gogeta more than Vegitto)
  • Janemba (ought to have a really cool playstyle)

Series didn’t suck. I think it’s on par with super.
Baby and janemba should definetly be a dlc character. Maybe omega shenron too.
As for SSJ4 goku and vegeta, I think they should be alternative skins. In fact, im in for having different skins.