REALLY AWESOME chinatown fair cvs2 tournament results - 4/1/06

hay fools 11 people entered. this was a double elimination singles tournaments fyi

1st - andy aka citiofbrass
2nd - nick t aka nick t
3rd - me aka min aka mr_fantastic
4th - john from ct

and whatever. i recorded a bunch of vids good and bad ill upload the ones people might be interested in tomorrow since im tired

good night (oh also if youre wondering i lost to andy in loser’s but i beat him in our money match so were like even technically)

PS - there was a STREET FIGHTER 3: THIRD STRIKE 2v2 random teams round robin run at the same time as well. somebody will post the results for that???


You taught me more about 3s in 3 hours then I’ve learned playing in the last two fucking years, it was absurdly awesome having you a partner. I’ll do my best to better my Ibuki!

you’re a noob!!!

ps chibi how the fuck do i get to hackensack by not car from montclair

what the hell, you guys let andy win? I’m coming for you andy…

i won 3s also mr renrick what are you gonna do about that? and i used UR character

yea gg to everyone.

mr fan: it took me that noney match to realize i needed hibiki to fight blanka so i can slash that rc shock for free lol. in that money match i was up on you for like 2 char and blanka whipe them all out. (sigh) i dont use projectile char ggs

nick t got way better ccing with blanka,bison anywhere

mr fan lemme know when you upload

go nick! keep moving up the chain!

Tourny was actually cool considering the time we started and the time we ended. It really went fast.
Start = 5
End = ~ 8:30


GGs to everyone

you mean, you and your teammate, right:razz:

soon you’ll learn to just give up:bluu:

funny-ass sig btw

right right lol i ment to say that cause he helpped me kill who i couldnt.

i wont give up

chibi where is my fuckin av???

thx that sig was based on actual events :sweat:

oh wow…it’s that serious, using MY character. i’m gonna have to hire someone to break your wrists or something. I don’t wanna come back to NY and then get beasted on

Andy!!! That sig is too good. LOL.

I just played this guy yesterday. He is the most garbage 3S player I’ve ever seen in my life. Haha, you know I love you Chibi!

props to andy on taking both tourneys.

had i cared enough to not show up at 8, I woulda entered both tourneys to take that free money and slap that ass down LOL!

but i guess im not as motivated as i used to be back in the day.

good stuff to everyone fo rkeepin this shit alive

Man I’m not playing 3S against you anymore, I’d rather shell out the $15 to go to CF on a Sunday where people bother to acknowledge my mistakes instead of having to ridicule me for them.

I know I suck but being playing you sure hasn’t made me any better.


vids? :-/

shit… this shit is dead in nyc man. i fucking wait for days on the pc to wait until cv
updates their site to put on ffa ranbat. i feel like a coach only can watch cant play

biola where the fuck are you now?

Hey Andy, I’m back in the U.S. for a while- then I’m off again. I’m probably gonna be around CF this Friday.

I Demand a Recount


Good shit unfortunately I choked at the end after a day of mualing you fool and ended up losing after being in first all day…damn now i know how triple H feels…

hahaha, the hugo guy!

Didn’t you say you were going to kill yourself or something if you lost?