Really bad accident you were in

Monday made me realize that life can end any moment.

I mean do anyone in this forum been in that life and death situation.

Around here in Kannapolis, NC there are pot hole the size of a deer in term of width. That day 2/8/10 my SUV went straight through those god dam pot hole and went out of control. There I was in my SUV that was out of control and all I can think about was getting it under control but all I did was steer it in the opposite lane. I side swipe the first car and the second car I hit head on. I can remember the visual memory of the impact, the air bag coming out, the front of the car smash in so bad that they needed the jaw of life to break me out of the car, my nose and mouth was bleeding from the impact on the steering wheel, and the smell of burn rubber. I black out a few time and all of a sudden I woke up in an ER room with my family next to me. At the hospital the doctor came in and told me that I was lucky to be alive since that head on collision should have kill me. My family wanted to sue Kannapolis since those pot hole cause the accident and the funny thing is that they cover all the pot hole after my accident. So what do you think do I have a case or its just a wast of time? Anyway, sorry for the rant I just came to my sense and that I almost die Monday but somehow God wanted me to live. I came out with just a fracture elbow, sprained knee, broken nose.

thats fucking gnarly. glad to hear you’re ok. its crazy how life/death can just creep up on you.
i believe i am immortal at this point. i have had some crazy accidents and near death experiences. couple actual death experiences, as well, where i had to be resuscitated/heart restarted. i never stayed dead for long, though!

i was driving through NC and some idiot who can’t avoid a pothole sideswiped a car near me and then hit me head on

you live in america - why the fuck wouldn’t you sue?

LOL, was that you in the other car.


  • I got a much of letter from lawyers that want to represent me. I’m thinking about going to one of them just to get some legal advice.

I died once…

Na, I’m kiddin’. But this reminds me of a girl my brother dated once who told him that she died in an accident, but came back to life. she was hot as hell and crazy as hell. He came back from that date and made me ROFL’ed about it with me, but at the time he thought he was gonna have to choke a bish.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Roads are maintained by the state (or supposed to be). If you have an accident due to the state’s neglect then they should, at the very least, pay for your bills. At least, this is what I was told when I busted my wheel after hitting a pot hole.

I almost drowned once in a pool when I was nine, but that’s about it.

I think that’s where my fear of deep water comes from. Glad to hear that you are ok though. I think we should all reflect on our lives every now and than and see where we stand. Maybe than we can appreciate every day for truly what it’s worth.

I’ve had a few, but one that comes to mind was last year. I was going to school, coming off the metro bus, and just as I was about to cross the street (the “walk” sign was up), a car, probably going 60-70 MPH on a maximum 40 MPH road nearly hit me (about 1 or 2 inches close). The thing was, I didn’t even see it, because the bus was blocking my view of the speeding car.

i have had an open claim with caltrans for over 2 years now. close to 3, actually. dealing with state is a bitch.

Worst accident I was in was 6ish years ago. I was hanging out with a friend of mine, and we were supposed to head to his house to meet up with more people but before going there he remembered he had to get a bday gift and instead of having us drive separate he asked me to go with him. So we went to the mall, got his gift and we left. He was driving this old Bronco and his passenger side seatbelt wasn’t working correctly (didn’t retract and wouldn’t pull out far) so when I rode with him, I would just hold it on my side since when I rode with him it was never very far.

Anyhow, on the way out we were driving on this road that loops around the mall, now I’m sure my friend was driving a bit fast but not absurdly speeding but all of the sudden this lady decides to turn into the parking lot right in front of us. He had no time to really stop, so we “T-boned” her. My head slammed into the windshield hard and I was getting ready to same something to my friend, but when I looked up I saw my hat was sitting in the windshield, then I felt my face and didn’t find too much but there was blood on my face. That shit freaked me out, and I just sat there silent waiting. My friend was ok, but they took me to the hospital. Luckily I wasn’t injured at all outside of scratches to my face. Oddly enough that day was the first time I had ever brought him over to my house so he was able to rush to my house and tell my family what happened.

My dad was freaked out when he saw me cuz I had a lot of blood on my face that I guess I smeared all over when I was checking it out with my hand, he literally said he thought my face was gonna be mutliated when he saw it all bloody and shit :rofl: I still have the hat to this day, it’s sitting on my computer back home in Cali, I figure it saved my head from getting fucked up I should keep it. Oh and the sweatpants I was wearing that day have a red stain on them, because my knee hit the dashboard so hard it rubbed off some of the paint.

God is the most merciful and kind, I’ve been in so many situations where I could have probably died or gotten seriously messed up.

It’s amazing how you just go through life thinking you will live forever, then you experience something that makes you feel the soul inside your physical body.

I was driving down a street 3 years ago doing the speed limit of 40 MPH, when this guy ran a red light and I smashed into the side of his truck, totaled my car, and then he claimed that it was my fault, but the police said it was his fault BUT they still gave me a ticket for failure to yield. I fought the ticket and LOST. I was pissed but I have forgotten about it since.

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People post from the dead all the time on internet fourms, HELLO!!! :o

But yea man, sounds like you got yourself a case.
Sucks to hear what happened.

Hell yeah. This is America. Sue.

Had one. My dude was driving his CRX on the freeway too fast for the conditions, and spun out. Smacked the center divide, and my head smashed the windsheild with NO damage. My knee hit the dash hard, and also was bloody.

Some bitch was making a blind turn into a business, while I was going straight. Her fault. My car = bad. Her car = fucked.

Pic of my Civic:

CRX in the foreground was also mine.