Really basic woodworking/plexi advise needed please

Please delete. I’ve moved my query to the woodworkers thread. Appologies and Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve actually never done it, but I recently bought a TE and so started lurking in the Tech Talk.

This forum can be quite scary for first-timers, I give you that, I had to read it for weeks before I could have a “general view” on modding etc.

Anyway, what I gathered from various posts (I hope I remember everything correctly):

  1. Drill slowly, very slowly especially if you are using a hole saw.

  2. you might try to “cool out” the surface and the hole saw with cold water, even stop drilling and wait for everything to cool down if you notice the temperature getting to high.

  3. If you are using a “bench drill” (I imagine it is one of the vertical pull-down thingie that others in this forum call a “drill press”) you might have better results using forstner bits, I recall reading a post from one of the biggest custom stick maker who said he was using these with a drill press and he had the best results.

  4. Spade bits with blades on the sides can also work for a drill press.

Anyway, for all of it, the fast, rotatory movement of a drill and the attrition to the surface WILL increase the temperature anyway, with any bit you use, so I guess the best advice remains: go nice and easy, and keep things cool :smiley:

Disclaimer, all these information can be found in wayyy more detailed and informed posts around this forum, all made by people much more knowledgeable than me, I just told you what I remember from the top of my head, still, forum search will help you.

The resident plexi and all-things-transparent people in these forums are Arthong and Doomy, they also have a very nice plexi cutting service, one is based in U.S., the other in UK, refer to their posts for more info, they are the people that actually DO the stuff. :smiley:

Most other custom stick builder will usually have experience with plexi cutting, refer to their custom stick threads for ideas and advices.

That’s it, hope I didn’t spread BS, just wanted to give some nice newbie-to newbie help before the big guys arrive :smiley:

Best of luck with your arcade stick!

Edit: Gah, I’m a slow at typing :confused:

Hehe, pure coincidence that a few mins after I posted the woodworking thread was at the top of the page, figured it’s better off in there.

Thanks loads though, I’ve taken your advise on board and even cut and pasted a copy so I’ll have it once the threads deleted :slight_smile: