Really Canada Cup.... Really

So I got copyright infringements on my YouTube uploads of canada cup matches today… And it seems like all matches in general have been filed for copyright as well on YouTube.

(block of rage text)

It shouldn’t be that big of a deal since the archive is free

lol@paying for a stream

gotta pay for stream now?

oh noes I cant watch shittyfighter4 anymore?? NO WAI HOZE

and the Canada Cup fail continues. Can we officially call CC the worst major of the year? I mean it’s December, we only have NEC and SCR left and they are known to get their shit right.

Im pretty sure Team spooky and level up do the same thing, to be honest why should you get the views when the creators should, also the matches are already up on the Canada Cup youtube page and on you can watch the stream archive. I don’t support canada cups 8.95 lol but i don’t think you should be complaining since the stream providers aren’t gonna make any money with you uploading the videos and people watching on there, when you can support the stream providers directly by watching on their channel.

I love how everyone hates on Canada Cup, when basically they were just the guinea pigs for the new Jtv payed stream

on the archive you have to search thoroughly for the matches you want. That’s why people uploaded segments (ie infiltration vs bonchan, floe vs kazunoko, team vs team etc)

Now you can’t watch any of that and have to search through 40+ hour archives

Cool! :slight_smile:

Were not your pal’s, buddy.

so basically you’re uploading content you didnt create or own and are upset that its getting removed

and somehow canada cup sucks?

its because you arent luinghubbbbbbbbb or mr pavy… because ya know they get away with all the shit for no reason and heaven forbid if someone else in the community tried to do anything like them or close to them they will face the wrath of the dick riders

why on heavenly earth would you ever take a video someone posted, and just post it on your own channel?

nobody gives a flying purple spotted shit about your channel. if they want to see a video, they go to the source. just add the video as being on of your faves, bruh.

if i want a pair of jeans, i go to the jeans store, not the … recycled jean store.

that’s nice son
sure you did son

ps: 8.95? 8 fucking 95? i fucking piss 8.95.
lapchi invested more money into Canada Cup then you make in a year.
give some respect, fool.

Eat a dick.

calling CC out for greed… when you are bitching about how they took down vids you stole from their stream? lmao. Especially since… y’know… you are hosting shit quality stream rips, and the actual vids are available on the Canada Cup YouTube page now in 720p direct recorded quality.


it just blows my mind how we put on one of the highest level Street Fighter tournaments ever to take place in North America, organize by far the biggest international team tournament in Street Fighter’s entire history, and had some of the best SF matches I’ve ever seen… and everyone is just all “lol 8.95 fuck I’m so funny!!!”

9 bucks ain’t shit to Chad Warden

Care to extrapolate?

  • Brought dozens of international players around the world
  • The 5v5 exhibition showcased some of the highest level play seen since Evo
  • Brought instant classic matches including Champ vs Wong, Infiltration vs Bonchan, Wolfkrone vs the world
  • Ran advertisements

Fuck that noise.

There’s only valid complaint if the videos aren’t available already on Youtube. As you said, sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle searching huge stream archives, and Youtube is obviously the best flash player. But, if Canada Cup Gaming’s channel has all the videos that were on your channel already on their channel, then sorry, but there’s not much of a leg to stand on here.

Also, lol @ the thought that CC was the worst major this year because of a few unfortunate ads and the 8.95 option. Have we forgotten that tournaments are about the Street Fighter and the hype?

You probably don’t want to know how much CC2011 cost. We should be enjoying our time with these insane tournaments with 50 top-billed players coming on someone else’s dime while they’re still around… there aren’t likely to be many of them.

You don’t own the rights to the video(s). You stole videos owned by someone else, and uploaded them to your channel so you could get views.

How can you not comprehend something so simple?

shuvinupyoass games

10 years from now, if anyone gives a damn about anything related to canada cup 2011, its going to be that crazy international 5v5. cause unless canada cup pays to do that in 2012, we probably won’t see anything like that again.

I was one of the complainers about the way the stream was handled, but imo they made good after they apologized and made the archive free.

Yes, really.

Forget the fact that the content isn’t even yours to begin with…

But did you ever think that potential/future sponsors will be checking for vids of past events on youtube / number of Canada Cup Gaming channel views? By upping crap rips all over the place, you’re hurting future events.

This was one of the highest quality tournaments this year, with the sickest pools in a tournament EVER. I mean it too! Did you see the top 32 bracket for SF4 at Canada Cup?? It was fucking ridiculous!!

If you want a tournament like this to happen again, you will support them by watching it on their channels. By ripping your own copies and putting them up elsewhere, **you are directly hurting future Canada Cup Gaming events. **

Please don’t do it.