Really confused

I was lookin through the forums and I didn’t understand what people were talking about. How many infinites does IM have? Which one is his main one? What does unfly have to do with an infinite?

Hey hope u found ur answer to ur question but if not then I’ll tell u the answers.

Well IM has 2 differnt kinds of infinites. but he has a lot of setups.

He has the normal jump inf…( [nj. lp,lp,lk,up+fp] repeat brackets. he has the unfly semi inf… launch, sj. lp,lk,up+fp, [aduf, lp,up+fp, ff, lp,up+fp, unfly, up+fp], repeat brackets.

when u go into flight mode , then cancel flight , u can’t attack, or block after u cancel flight. u can if u get unfly mode. u can get this by:

  1. getting hit by an assist or an attack that knocks u in the air, but u are still able to recover in the air. ex: they launch u and they don’t hit u afterwards. u recovered in the air u get unfly.

If ur character hits the floor from ne attack he can’t get unfly.

U lose unfly after four reps of unfly. meaning use four ff, unfly, attack or block, thats one rep.

If u normal jump u lose unfly automatically.

These r the setups that I can do with IM, just really learned him by watching that im tribute vid, forgot who made it though.

  1. sj cancel:, mp, as soon as u see im launch him up u manually super jump, down up, immediately, lp, adf, lp,up+fp, u land, proceed with normal jump inf.[nj. lp,lp,lk,up+fp]

  2.,mp, sjxx, add, lp, up+fp, it is possible, just do the sj then add really quick then lp.

  3.,mk, wait a sec, sj xx add hk, immediately nj up foward lk, mp, mk, up+fp, . alternate between starting with the lp nj inf , use lk version when u see they r getting low.

  4. Stupid setup with magneto proj assist., mk, call mag, otg (rollable though), start with nj inf. The s. lk knocks them right into the assist then u can inf.

  1.,mp, [sj.xx, lp, adf, lp, up+fp,] repeat brackets. This is possible u just have to time the sj lp again, so u can do it right, of course good execution. I’ve done up to 7 reps of this, but IM isn’t very good at rushdown, depends who u use him with.
    Combofiend is good with drone assist.

I personally like combofiend, but I wouldn’t know much in marvel if it weren’t for Hamm, u really need to see a lot of vids of current tourney or combo vids cause the gameplay is tough and if u wanna be serious then u must play like the best, and my other team anakaris (variety), ironman( aaa), doom(AAA). Whatever works for u.

hopefully this helped u… marvel needs more great gamers…

congrats duc do…

dood he has way more than two infinites

jumping infinite: launch, d+hp, ad/df, lk, lk, land, [j.lp,,, U+hp]

repulsar blast infinite: (you in corner) s.lp,, repulsrar blast
-start it again when opponent is falling near your head

unfly: fly lk, U+hp, unfly, U+HP, ad/uf, lk, U+HP
-can be done ANYTIME in the air that you connect a U+HP, just start with the lk after it connects

corner unfly: s.hp, fly, lk, U+hp, unfly, U+hp
-done on the ground with opponent in corner

sj infinite: (same height as jumping infinite) sj.lp,ad/foward, sj.lp, U+HP
that one has a variation. anytime you land: s.lp, cancel into superjump then the [sj.lp,ad/foward, sj.lp, U+HP]

you can set this up ANY way you set up the normal jumping infinite.

a REAL good strategy for the jumping infinite would be to switch off between reps of the jumping infinite and the sj infinite. since theres more going on, its harder for the opponent to predict a reset opposed to doing the jumping infinite and the person predicting a reset because you sj’d instead of jumping

I believe those setups are simply instances that the TWO infinites ironman has are applied.

he has more than two!

thats true…

Well… maybe he meant he just has two that are usually used a serious match (his normal jump inf and unfly inf, and variants on them). Although I’ll admit I’ve also used his repulsar blast inf in a serious match, but it’s rare that you get the opportunity to use it.

He also has alot of useless infs, like his c.FP xx Smart Bomb corner inf that only works on Juggs, and a ROM-like inf that works at the same height as his normal jump inf.

yea i get that, but thread started wanted to ask how many he has. and the other guy emphasized the “TWO” just wanted to clarify that has more.

repulsar blast isnt as hard as you’d think as long as its when a character comes in.

try guard breaking to repulsar blast infinite. a little getting used to but its a chunk of damage if done.

j.hp, dash over s.lp,, lp repulsar blast
sj.lp, ad/df, U+hp, s.lp,, lp repulsar blast

or if you’re ever in the corner and want to try a reset

launch, d+hk (lands on other side) repulsar blast infinite.

^^ Your begging for a pushblock dhc.

i dont know about that, maybe for the first setup.

the second setup is pretty damn quick and so is the last. they’d have to be looking for it. and most people will know to stop after the pushblock.

its not also a smart thing to try this everytime. maybe just for show every now and then during casuals.

considering IM is mid tier, it doesnt leave much openings for other mid tiers

I dont know if it was mentioned but he also can inf off of his standing normals. Well some of his normals.

jump in hp,dash lp,lk-sjxx,lk-a/d-f,lk,mk,hp land and repeat.

Another one I had been working on but I cant do it consistently is.

HP-sjxx,a/d-d/f lp,u-hp land and repeat.

Its easier to do it this way. I can only manage around 12 hits wich is like 3 or so reps. Then again its just a variation of his sj inf.
HP-sjxx,lp-a/d-f,lp,u-hp land and repeat.

For me when alternating between the SJ inf and reg inf it kinda keeps the opponent guessing so u can cross up a lil more than just doing the reg inf only.

And dont forget his FS inf. Its prolly already been mentioned im just too lazy to read all the posts.:wgrin:

yea, thats what i mentioned in the earlier post. its so easy to predict your basic jump infinite crossover when you superjump lk, ad/df u+hp because they know there is no superjump in the infinite. alternating between the two infinites is much harder to predict. not to mention it looks real flashy.

if you guys dont know the timing for the sj. infinite this how it goes

sj.lp, ad/f, [lp], U+HP

the lp in the brackets you want to delay as late as possible. doing so will get you as close to the opponent as possible that way they dont drift away after a few reps.

i dont really find the FS infinite practical just because you cant link PC after you’ve done it. but if the character is about to die, go ahead and go for it. i dont know how other people set it up but i do:

launch (you can launch after any rep of jumping infinite in the corner) lp, lk, U+HP, ad/uf, lp, nuetral hp, OTG lk,,,, u+hp continue with normal jumping infinite

The FS inf is ok do do but I like his corner flying screen combos. He has a few options to go high or low. most people I see just go for the inf.I start flying screen like so.

Launch u-hp xx ad-f,nuetral hp,nuetral hk
after this I have 3 main variations.

#1Wait for the FS roll and then tri jump down foward with lks. Usually the fastest and if u connect sets you up for the same combo to mixup again

#2Wait for the FS roll and go low. Usually into the same combo leading to another mixup

#3Standing jab then hp throw directly afterwards. This feels like the throw combos. Well to me it does. After the throw you can otg into CC setup and inf from there. This is the main one I use. After the Jab sometimes Ill go low if the throw is expected and start over.

I have some vids of the last setup. I need to find a way to upload it so u guys can check it out.I like playing IM he is prolly my best character but I think I play him sorry.